Problem with parents, friends, sports - Hate Me '' ((((

Hello! I hope that puberty is to blame. So, I am 13 and have been when I was younger confident that I'll be the best in something sometime. But I wanted my parents about never tell what, because I was afraid that they do not understand me and they laugh therefore it is namely happened before. I made February pushups and run afterwards also, I wanted to minimize my diet because I felt abnormally overeat. Added to this was that I wanted to be in school even better and, therefore, hardly had time. This period was also terrible because I demanded more of myself, wondering why my performances were not better (demotivation) but were the worst the constant food thoughts. For these reasons, I decided to do absolutely nothing in the autumn holiday, and to eat, so they went away demotivation. [My parents knew nothing of the whole]. Unfortunately, this plan worked :( wrong. I could no longer go on to bring sports, we wanted to gym, my mother reported it, but lost it. After my father wanted to see me because of knew I in the team where I logged was (in years) that I do a lot as more than the others Summary:.. he had to pick me up in the winter later I meant just that I would be better than the others in order to have any argument, he said, but I would was different. from the sport anymore.

In school, I had not a lot of good friends, and my best friend ignored me often, interrupts me often, often I hate him because for. In addition still comes that my girlfriend had left me, but in the last time I loved her no longer even.

How can I get my friend to stop with the Sche eat - really tuck one? Do you also have such problems? Thinks everyone that he was something special? ....

I dare even to go not alone to a psychologist to ask if he could talk to my parents to etc.

I'm in a real mma Dile: '((((((

The best answer

ha .... yes that has surely everyone :) Everyone wants to be unique. And you're only 13, if you knew what was to me like everything went wrong: D

I'll give you right, it's a great feeling when you "better" than the others in something. But however you do not have to ruin you. Especially, do not do this just to "arrive better". What interests you, then? What subject in school is your light?

You must not always be the best! you have to accept. You might many problems later ^^ Keep Calm and Carry prepare what DIR does well. maybe catch again with sports, but this time without the thought "I must be the best". What brings you to be the best but not to have fun in it?

I make sport of me to feel more comfortable. And what pushes me my own successes. And not that I'm the best in something :) If I länegr by holding in the gym and lift more can and then have the next day muscle soreness, then I feel well;) although I probably belong in total for the worse. Exercise and motivation make the champions;) Do not let Miserfolgen not from the ground throwing, something there is always

Keep it out easy. You do not need psychologists only a structured plan. Carrying exactly one when you have sports and when you want to learn. If you do not comply with it you have to do in the money box of mine from € 1. You grab the loose only constant.

Hello, I'm 13 and I feel just like I practice and practice and will not get better ... the same food as the ... in any case you should give your '' friend '' do not cut in the face! I have solved the where I simply repeated a school year thereafter, really EVERYTHING better. at first I was very skeptical but then I also had much better friends than before ... the notes are better in principle everything is better! Also really everyone thinks he is something special and could be something much better! besides, I have got a hobby wanted where you have to talk very well with other people and what makes me fun ... I will not say what is that for a hobby because I do not want that everyone imitates me ... you should with the the Schuljag'hr repeat villeicht really let herself go again through the head!

Greetings, kokusnuss2000

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