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Hello. I am now for almost 6 months with my girlfriend but unfortunately something has changed lately.

Changes that I've found: - Less sex, etc. (I see still a mitigates the time) - you will hardly over when we make something for example, to 15:00 there will always be 17:00 until she comes. Mostly she suddenly still something to do (household, homework) - you do not laugh about my jokes - you usually spins around and I have little opportunity Seriously talking to her - the other day I asked them via sms when she comes home, she said no idea it I to that but needed to know, and suddenly she was at home - today they did not want that I though we not even 400 meters away from each other live with accompany home - basically it behaves differently against me than before.

In recent days, I have repeatedly asked about it but she just said she is not coming before and assured me that she loves me. I know I should trust her but it just does not work and it hurt me because I love them.

One should perhaps hold that I'm very difficult in relationships and I tend of fear of a loss set me nonsense in his head. Thus, I have already made one or the other relationship broken.

Can someone give me advice / tell me his opinion? I want to lose under any circumstances, because I love them more than anything, but as the relationship for me to stop working. Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry for the spelling I was in a hurry.

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-hm .. Does not sound so great, well my advice Währe that you may (if you do not have made intense enough) talking intensely to her about it and if they somehow look for an escape route, then confront them so that they once not to run away from their problems! Showing her not only how much you love them but how much it hurts you also woe .. was quite frankly you can theoretically also practice your speech which I would recommend you more if you do not want to screw it up. -A Question from me to you, .. you've time the thoughts made that you may have made a mistake in the short past that they might therefore is it? -As bad that latches but it could also be that she has made a big mistake and that's why you opposite occurs quite differently than you're used to because they can not handle it and you do not want to tell it, then I would suggest you also to intense conversation rates - and the last .. I had pulled something like that even with my girlfriend, but she has one month to look at how I react and everything // it was just a sort of 'test' and that's really not cool if maybe the reason your girlfriend then you notice while a load off my mind but was then still is that they no longer make mad at them for 1-2 days, so that they also noted it

I hope I could you a little help MFG Caniboy5577 least

Hey .. I have almost the same problems as you, in my relationship, it is similar and I also tell myself still get a. What can be done, however? I think just talking with your partner, otherwise can not get as much into question. If you can not talk normally with her, it could possibly be because it is immature or insecure.

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