Problemeee with my phone .....

I have been almost half a year Huuuawei phone. It's great to get along well with clear and everything is top. There is however a problem. I can download any apps. Every time comes then "not enough space". Here I have a lot of disk space. And the comic, sometimes it goes. Sometimes I can be a game or download that. Then, I wanted to draw my new music to my phone from the laptop. Have tried it with cable, as well as with adapter for SD card. It was not both. The songs were then indeed on the SD card, but not on the Music app / file (?) Available or playable. I still have enough space, but it's not everything. Had anyone ever the same problem? If so, was there a solution or something?

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Just try somehow the app: CleanMaster raufzubekommen.

Even Android müllt sometime with garbage (temp files) ... Now and then should a cleanup with as SD Maid be done to prevent exactly;)

android or? which strikes android? phone rooted?

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