Problems at school phyche etc help ..

I'm really problems with the school .. I hold the school slowly no longer I will fast, aggressive and have nothing to loss what to tell or else I do Must join so I get good grades and my future not screw up; (I stand all grades 2-3-4-5 halt: / My problem is there are more to 4 en I study for tests give me trouble try everything so it will be good but I do not creating I was / am in English 5 have this week (on Thursday) posted a job as a ZAP (center ralle final examination) written in 2010 I got the smooth 5- written; (in German I stand 3 halt I hopefully in math I stand 4 we think write Tuesday again a work in stalks of ZAP The last two math work I could nciht believe 4 to have written: / I understand math at all 0 concentration 0 listless go broke phyche in ar sch slowly and everything I hold crap can not .. As I said we are writing Tuesday work ne I see already get back the 5 coming .. I just can not not a single theme throughout the school year I was good at everything hard to mediocre Physics I in test ne 4 although I have learned 2 hrs and it really was history ne 4 as can only go learned was everything .. economy also 4 although I right well'm verbally ?? I weiß'nicht what to do The English 5 is safely on the testimony I can, however, compensate for the German 3 There remains Math and there is a bin 0 nothing I can because'll see to that child called -.- If since the 5 comes I get no degree of College student on nothing (High vlt after 10 war I but vlt) What should I do? Learning does not help does not help what tuition no help not Eltewrn tell me how important this is no not help nothing helps eh Is this vlt stupidity or rather this go phychisch broken? I even 3 weeks internship only dragged stones that I found much better than school so you know sometimes how much I hate school ._. I am considering going to the military (interest me long) intressiert the military the sheet?

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In the Bundeswehr it is a little crass to when in school. If you psychologically finished going to school, how will you then endure the Bundeswehr?

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