Problems Installing Windows 7 (ASRock)

Hello everyone! I have so 4-5 weeks Format the PC because I had a Trojan on it. Now I have a completely bare PC, is nice. Now comes the problem: When I tuck the Windows 7 CD, the PC does not boot it automatically when I start from the boot menu, then there is: ,, Press any key to boot from CD / DVD "but when I hit nothing happens. What I've tried: Run from USB from did not work to start over the support CD ASRock has not helped with also because no button works I have only an external DVD driver but that the problem is not as it indeed with the.. Supporter has CD works. I also have both a USB keyboard from Rockcat.

My Services: Motherboard: ASRock FM2A75 Pro 4 Graphics card: NVidia GTX 560

I thank you in advance for the answer!

The best answer

I am not a specialist - but we had the problem before long also - until it turned out that the Trojan was still present. A good friend has a lot of effort, a lot of effort there but then managed to remove this Trojan.

Therefore is the link.


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