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Hi I've been trying satin christmas last year to join a recever him but .. everything has failed and DVBT I just get garbage .. And on hdmi I habr no recever .. And he has an ordinary scart not -.- Here data .. villt can think finally a help Blaupunkt 58cm / 23 "LED HD TV DVBT | DVBT & DVB-C

Connections: HDMI 2 × RF In (analog / digital) CI Solt USB Input VGA / PC input 1 x Composite / CVBS Video Input 1 x Component / YPbPr Input 1 × 3.5mm audio input (for PC / VGA) 1 × R / L audio input for composite / CVBS & Component YPbPr 1 × COAX audio input 1x3,5mm headpohnes output

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the TV receives DVB-T and DVB-C, so it you do not need receivers.

For DVB-T, it is used in your residence it to see how well you can receive DVB-T. That you can find here. Http://

Maybe you need where you live an indoor antenna with amplifier or even a roof antenna.

In DVB-C you need necessarily a cable connection when the present, an antenna cable for the connection box is enough.

For DVB-S or DVB-S2 you need a Satelittenantenne and a matching receiver.

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