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Our bitch australian shepherd shepherd dog mix ruins everything when she's alone. She is 7 months old and we have brought them from the shelter 5 weeks before. I believe that it is not due to the utilization. We go in the morning with her two hours out at noon and in the evening also. In the afternoon she flits around in the yard. We live on a large farm. And mentally I employ them also. If then but no one is at home or even if you only go quick shower it destroys everything they can get. It brings the deco of the limit down the tears and sometimes also catches them to eat. Make your own also worry because they eat much of it. Coming but then she knows exactly what she has done she is ashamed and goes away. By chewing bones, we have already tried it has on within 5min. White perhaps someone what you can do?

The second problem is that be housebroken. We had within two weeks they housebroken has also always been felt when she had time. But since a week you go out with her and she does pee you are but inside she immediately goes into the living room and craps it happening. And every night. Although we come from walking back and she did what she sits down anyway and makes pipi. We do not know what to do really and why she does it. Would be nice if someone has tips or even similar experiences. Thank you :)

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because you have to start an appropriate training.

Reward, if it remains in place. Show her that you come again and again, at the beginning at short intervals, then extend the intervals of your "absence" longer and longer until the behavior is normal. You can only work with reward and bring in a lot of patience and love.

The animal has obviously suffers loss fears, this must be met with a lot of tact and understanding. Best hire a reputable dog trainer, if it does not work that way.

I wish you much success !


Hello SaaJaa99 #We go in the morning with her two hours out at noon and in the evening also # Did I read now and understood, you go with a 7-month-old young dog 2 hours each morning, noon and night out? That would be 6 hours, and even mental capacity! Wow that is far too long for such a young dog. Honestly I would turn 10 times gears down. Does your dog learned time alone? As long as they stick to make it out of place without the she gets up? Consistent rest exercises. For me, listening to overwork on .. Also should gradually being alone be taught. She uses somewhere and snaps as in your case, Deko, bites and even eats thereof, can be extremely dangerous if they are not digested all of it. Power times the apartment puppies away safely .. Everything and store out of reach of the dog, which means a potential hazard. you #Kommt but then she knows exactly what she has done she is ashamed and goes away # your dog is not ashamed but appeases you. You're mad about the caused chaos, and you can feel your dog. By calming signals that your dog sends you, he tried to calm down and to prevent further conflict in which he comes to you out of the way. This is communication in the dog language. remain about housebreaking, so long out until the dog completely dissolved has outside. When you come in and she poops immediately afterwards on the carpet, then you did not recognize the signs and your own fault. to scold the dog brings nothing, only makes the situation worse and the toilet training takes so much longer. Honestly, it makes a lot of wrong and know in many situations not properly deal with the dog. Go into a dog school that violence works, there you learn how to deal with the dog.

@ SaaJaa99

Were you what you get yourself in the clear you for a bundle of energy, or did you previously informed of the mix characteristics?

Many believe that these races would have to be constantly exhausted and then they have a hibbeligen and still quirrligeren dog and stand helpless before a problem. If one knows what this race is designed, then a the also clear that such dogs in need hands who are familiar with the properties.

Then you have to only 5 'weeks and probably has the previous owner made no Vorerziehung.

How should we understand you when you come back ?. How long is the dog alone, as ye have gradually taught him, so he can be alone. If such a Rassemix alone, then the boring and he is at all possible.

We had within two weeks they housebroken has also always been felt when she had time. But since a week you go out with her ​​and she does pee you are but inside she immediately goes into the living room and craps it happening

Then you might have given up too early? Again starting from scratch to teach with, until such time as the sitting. Not schimpen (many do this) and then immediately back out and every time. Aussie are very smart dogs and savvy usually fast.

Unless the dog would have an organic problem (times vet ask).

Sounds to but not thereafter, rather, that was already not worked with the dog days of childhood. Probably was issued at the shelter, because the people were overwhelmed.

You have unfortunately put away everything he could claw and the kitchen must be taboo. Also, you can teach him.

We also last year a young man is drawn with an Aussie Border Collie bitch. A very sweet and friendly dog, but even that is not educated and so quirrlig - also for the reason because it is simply too long alone. If one wants to constantly utilize this dog and constantly wants mentally demanding, you have eventually a crazy dog.

Please you looking for a suitable dog school and let you show at home with you, as you can correct the problems. Yet this can be accomplished.

Hope that you manage to do it and the dog stays with you when you are at a loss at the moment.

I wish you success

Here you can read what you times

MMn is able to help you not here, because one has to see you can not say a flat rate that is over- or under-exposure and one can not say a flat rate which is separation stress ...

You further write down that suddenly everything was blotted out, she is 7 months old that she puts currently completely at puberty and in that time forgot dogs often many many things.

They do not intentionally or even with evil intent but has her head just currently too preoccupied with the grow ...

When I got one of my bitches she was damalig very very anxious, she had especially afraid of cars, before people, before her unknown objects which actually has almost everything belonged and it was very difficult with her to go out.

The whole has been fairly well improved, I have many Head tasks trained with them, search games on mass made, taught many tricks and when she reached puberty she mistook much suddenly, the recall did not work 1 A, at verschienen tricks has it all cluttered ...

But this is normal this is a phase, or rather the phase of growing up and lies down again, but the problems described by you and also the way I find very difficult race, and all in a concentrated amount, only by means of a GOOD and VIOLENCE FREE working dog school or even better a good dog trainer of the looks are processed locally.

This / r Dog Training School / trainer should not tell of any rank concepts or recommend even things like a closed box or Gehorsamkeits- or subordination exercises but should ausskennen with the essence dog as it looks in the dog, because just this breed tends extremely if mishandled to reactive behavior and use of aversive (punishment union od. with pain associated impacts) can there quickly come to bite and I think that's the last thing you want ;-)

Hi, how have you taught her the Alone Stay ?? Within 5 weeks already ne house number ..... the dog is already from a shelter, he has certainly been fears of loss, its delivery to the shelter. In such a dog you have to expect months of training before one can be only a few hours alone him. The Housebreaking is probably suffering now because you have been too fast since, perhaps she has learned it in time, only one has something then always consolidate until it works without doubt. So I can only recommend the whole thing to start from scratch and this time the dog really give the time he needs to ever first to arrive with you.

Nothing much can the enormous stress for the dog to come (move to quick workout and Verlustänge / panic at being alone), so I can not say whether your workload is sufficient on the day you. Because it can be just as well that is their really boring, it is, unfortunately, a mixture that is designed to work. And you can actually six hours Gassigehen and it brings nix, if you do it wrong. It is always depends on what the dog is commanded go. Especially as with such a difficult mix certainly should think about it to attend a course in the dog school and making Trickdogging, Obidience, Aportier or trailer Games. Also there many dog ​​schools Treibball, ensuring an Aussie did well liked.

She has to stay alone probably never learned. Begin to clean with a few seconds from the room and back. as long as until the dog bleint relaxed, then the time will be increased.

all the problems are presumably in overtaxing have. It's hard to find a happy medium in such a mix.

The dog's just 7 months old and you have seen him 5 weeks. Probably the previous owners were already overwhelmed, so the shelter.

You think it good though with many dog ​​laps, but the dog is easily overloaded and does not get the opportunity to retire. He pushes on, more and more instead of driving down.

Has he a corner where he can recover, or it sweeps through the whole apartment? A transport box that is slightly darkened with a blanket can work wonders.

The piddle in the apartment after walking the dog, I also know. At the time I thought my mouse is never clean. Had then the carpet disposed of and all was well. Some dogs will not quickly clean other. Sometimes, however, it is a pure matter marker. So puberty.

Sets by you, and not betütelt the dog too.

He must know your limits, because otherwise you have later a real problem.

She is underutilized. You need more exercise before she is alone. Best ago ne hour or more gassi go with romp.

I could well imagine that the young dog had to experience in her short life already a plethora ...

And now she's put simply: overwhelmed

Anyway, I would not like the auspowern currently going with you - The dog must also have the time and opportunity runterzufahren a little ...

As for the toilet training: I would have to start from scratch and just consistently every 2 1/2 - 3 hours to go out to pee ...

4 X Play All in all a quarter of an hour plus maybe two lasting walks and romp around ...

Maybe you should change the feeding times?

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