Problems with the registration (courses)?


I'm just really finished with the nerves. I currently have my last week of school, so the motto week. we obtain the approvals morning. My grades are quite good and I am quite satisfied, but yesterday everything was destroyed.

At the conference came out that I will not be allowed. How so? I'm missing a quote! I had all courses is lawful. At the beginning of Q2, so in August 2014 I was asked by my counseling teachers, deselect a social science because I supposedly had too many courses. Have also nachgehakt again, but you believe his career teachers with something, too. So I voted history.

On top of that I had a project price. The supposed be held 2-hour, however, was only 1-hour count because the teacher was hardly ever there and that actually was only half price.

No problem, I thought. This one hour now lack. I need 35 hours a week - but only 34th

The counselor said that I had to repeat the last year again.

It was midday yesterday. Now I've calmed down a bit, but still am totally exhausted. Actually my future was firmly planned. The house where I live I have been sold, in August, it belongs to someone else. My friend and I have an apartment for rent in a 150km distant city sure. We will drag on there together.

I have already signed the contract for my volunteer year and secured an apprenticeship. After training I wanted to start with the study - which is probably nothing without Abi.

But I wonder if this is legally so fine. I was urged to deselect (for whatever reason), then I is 2 days in advance said that I can not be approved?

I now am thinking what I'm doing. Spend more year on this school and destroy all plans? Or just go on everything and continue the Abi parallel to training at a night school?

Bin for any advice appreciated.


The best answer

So where other people have, for example, make four years teaching Latin for Latinum, others can sometimes catch up in their studies, the Latinum in an intensive course of a few weeks.

Since I can partout not think that there can be no special here. Stand well with the guidance counselor, because it simply has to give ne possibility to achieve a further 1 hour per week in an Intensive Course.

I would describe the teachers definitely your problem, and where everything is explain how here ..... vlt. have then forbearance, otherwise I would inform law, and possibly sue if that's where it takes very long ...

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