Proceedings were closed but get anything

Hello More than a month, the Lka came took my pass with no court or prosecutor's decision, (the authorities wanted to attach what me where the evidence for me speaks in any point) there was not even a hearing, I was called (Lka) I was told the case against them has been discontinued. (So ​​far, nothing received) Now Ausländeramt got my pass does not want to give me says takes few weeks. A month has passed and nothing so far received no true accusation and nothing like Lka says we have not thus emulate Ausländeramt says we are waiting for the authorities of each blames it on the other plea for advice

The best answer

The Aliens Office is waiting for a communication from the next higher administrative authority. Greeting Ralf


I would let me advise counsel.

Greetings FD

Now Ausländeramt got my pass does not want to give me ... to ...

a passport is actually only retained if someone is obliged to leave .... or high tax liabilities

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