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Dear Community,

I have since the beginning of autumn again increased skin problems and was therefore even the family doctor. Yesterday I had the first time an appointment with a beautician who has cleaned out my face. Now my skin is indeed red, but it is as pure as long gone. Now I have allerings totally afraid that everything back to the way previously. I want my toiletries (currently the series of Annemarie Börlind and evening Skinoren, which was prescribing me of GP) switch because they have not shown any real successes. I just totally jitters that the skin worsened by other products ... a dermatologist appointment I have on 17/04. So only in three weeks ... Today or tomorrow I get a few samples from a health food store but I'm not sure whether I will help.

I can not even say what exactly I want to ask you you. Does anyone have experience with the health food store? How much can I expect from a dermatologist? I would be very grateful if I would answer me!

Lg :)

The best answer

Here my advice !!

Purify your skin morning and evening with acne Ex Gesichtswasser pores deep, deep cleaning can but does not have to lead to a slight worsening. (For me it was 2 days) the deep cleaning is the foundation for good results. After deep cleansing bear the acne cream on Ex for individual pimples, there is the pimple pin, the help of nature since I'm to use I hardly pimple problems (98% less). "Makes the skin does not dry" and has a tremendous preventive effect, pimples do not come I think are the best. The products dry your skin is not enough.

However, I had some items from dermatologists with no correct success

Pharmacies Traders, Google

I have of my skin doctor the Effaclar-row get recommended by La Roche Posay - am also very happy with it. I use the cleansing gel, facial toner and moisturizer thereof. there in the pharmacy. the skinoren-cream I had first - has brought me nothing, then I had to 2 other creams the Epiduo cream! ask for the dermatologist times when. I could hardly believe then that it really helps me, since I was already on despair. once a week, I'm still a healing earth mask (but not finished, but mix them you best even on). with whom I products have everything pretty well in hand now.

Conclusion: SKIN DOCTOR! the uses to best.

In this case, seek the best times the dermatologist and / or purchased in a pharmacy skin care products that are natural and unscented and possibly better tolerated than the official products from the drugstore. Maybe I would always go back to Vichy, which recommended me my dermatologist then :)

Hast thou the beautician not told what you are to use the most? Otherwise I would just when to ask again ..

Try to omit all these creams and so completely

If the skin is really dry and stressed, with Baby Face Cream (WITHOUT perfume, accessories, etc.) fall back) That has helped me super

Otherwise use only PH skin neutral washing gels

Masks with healing earth, zinc are also very good

what the least expect: skin problems have to do with the wrong diet, the skin reacts to it, for example Durck pimple. the solution of the problem does not apply i.welche products, they can not eliminate the above cause, ie for you, your skin problems will come again, in spite of your treatment at the beautician. makes them in principle a mechanical external application (peeling, etc.) it can not eliminate the internal, biological process (skin deterioration). Conclusion: your diet is not right

If I have blemished today I take the Nivea soft cream. The usually very good does not burn.

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