prohibited dog attitude ?!

Hello dear it comes to the subject dog attitude. in my Rental Contract is Allowed by arrangement. the lady below me has a dog .. and 2 cats. forbids me the owner of this dog. But is it not so yorkshire not deemed dog but as a small animal? and he must not allow a n dog and the other is not it?

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Depends on is in your lease so by agreement, so it does not equal a dog ownership from. If your landlord does not want, then you can do anything about it. It is different when an administration, for. Example, in an apartment block, it would prohibit you and already one pet is allowed in the house, then you can fight it ... LG Pummelweib :-)

you can vllt actually come up with the argument that dogs the small / are like a cat the same, are not affected. If the dog to also is still very quiet and reserved. If it is of course a small Kleffer, the landlord can also find objection.

According to the latest Rechtwssprechung the dog keeping part of the normal use of the apartment and can not be unreasonably banned. This means your landlord must provide clear grounds for a ban or approve the attitude.

Why would a Yorkshire to be a dog?

All dogs are considered "small animals". This has nothing to do with the race.

Lived your neighbor with the dog for a long time in front of you there? Perhaps the landlord has the lease only changed when they already had the dog and allowed her dog ownership only until he dies. Presumably they must be bring no new more then.

Lach ... A Yorkie and remains a dog AND a small animal!

Moreover, your landlord may well give different "licenses", although it may seem unfair and unjust.

So 1 is a Yorkshire Terrier dog quite a ...

and 2 .: What is to "by appointment" so hard to understand?

You should always ask and of course before purchasing a dog owner for a written dogs holding permission.

And no matter if another tenant already has a dog in your house - the landlord can you prohibit the keeping of a dog giving substantiated reasons ...

No, terriers are not small animals, but dogs .. and if you have the MV with accepted "by arrangement" and there is already enough animals in the house, the VM can also regulate so ..

or are you doing up on a laaaaaaaaaaangen and expensive litigation ...

A Yorkshire remains a dog, just like any other small dogs such example of Chihuahua.

To rest the owner just ask why your neighbor may not have a dog and you.

yorkshire are dogs. small dogs. the landlord can give you a dog verbietem but vllt you ask simply times why the other Lessor may have directly 3 animals, and do not you have one? good luck.

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