Proof of indication in control

Hi, I am a freelance lecturer and should prove an employer that I have given the income over him in control. Have I made, but problem:

-in the tax bill is the not detailed calculations should I enclose only on request from the tax office, that have invoices for the supplier not of lawyer or Steuerbreater I did not, because the could be a communication from me, tax returns do alone

How can I prove that so? already asked Hab offered, but it is not a German company and also do not know anything, just want somehow their detection ..

Thank you so much!

The best answer

The income tax assessment in which copy itemizing. That ought rich that you are registered at the tax number and tax paying, have therefore also given him. For income tax ranges which, unlike in the VAT / tax, because you'd have the declaration of the control attribute.

Because actually remains specifically for this case, but only to instruct an accountant to look over the documents and then write an acknowledgment.

Possibly you can of course also take ALL documents and present to the employer. As can be seen then, that you have this revenue reported for tax purposes.

But when are abroad .... hmm

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