Proposals for oral Abi (DV / computer science topics)

Hello I make oral Abi in data processing and wanted to ask to those who have already gone or somewhat better versed with DV what issues I could address that.

From the school I cut following topics: databases -oop in Greenfoot -html, creation of Web Sites

Besides, I've already one or the other idea but I lack the formulation. I would also like to hear your opinion if I maybe a little something should formulate or so: -Gamedesign how games teach us to run the (am not Siche if that could range in content) -Spieleentwicklung Processes (alternative to the first could but be too great unless I'd superficial scratch) -The company X wants to create a website (I have no idea whether it is of importance which would provide for a company and what one is there) linkage of databases websites

I would be very happy about answers from TGlern or ITGlern because I'm from the WG and especially from people who have done this before. Thanks in advance for your answers

The best answer

I hope to study computer science is also sufficient ...

In your place I would not go so much in width, but much more in depth. Thou shalt show finally that you can also detect complex interrelationships and not that you can snippetartig repeat stuff from NEM textbook etc.

So I would like to focus on either OOM (eg what is the what is the difference between the object-oriented and the relational model or what is object-oriented modeling of).

You could try as your school design a scheme. In a school there are students, teachers and staff (caretaker, secretary). All these can be subclasses of "person". Then a school may indeed have one or more buildings. In each building there are rooms which again different subtypes (eg Bio-room, sports hall, normal classroom). Etc. etc.. Of which you could then a relational database model making (possibly equal to a database such as MySQL Put) and the object-oriented model for comparison.

Computer games and of itself also goes, only then I would also come up with an appropriate game (and if it's just Battleships in the console).

"Create web pages" If you want, I would also think of an example (eg your school or just about yourself or your pet), it create a home page, showing the projector and then explain the code ... I would anyway deem important, the page can yes and somebody else make for themselves, but only the right creator can say what he has done, why, how.

Do not forget: as an oral Abi takes a few minutes! And at least for me 5 years ago there were deduction if you babble too long! Or even to superficial (not just 2 texts from the textbook summarized) was. Dear concisely prepare a smaller topic and to something nice (yes you should see that you can what) than 5 subjects, each with 3 sets ...

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