provide a home to a dog?

I want to offer a home to a dog. have by dog-sit experience in handling and feeding education. I would have space for a midsize to dog. I live in a small town in a 55 sqm apartment and work Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day. I go out a lot and may therefore also serve enough to go walkies. And ehwr am a quiet journeyman But how do I find out which dog is right for me? I do not care whether pedigree dog or mixed breed, i love dogs more than anything for emergencies if in s kh do I have time also pet sitter da.und permission of the owner well.

Now only the question how can I find out who I best give a home. Would take an older dog. Prefer not to say that I will make the animal happy and me also I want to be a team with him !!!

The best answer

How many are saying about me already - the shelter is the best. As you make a dog happy.

However, there are some to consider:

- How much money you are willing to spend for the dog? In addition to one-time costs you have for food, veterinarian, dog sitter (if you want to go without a dog in holiday), hire a dog trainer arise.

- Just a dog from the shelter has its peculiarities. You have to be willing to spend just in the adjustment period much time with him. It may be that the dog is noisy if you leave the apartment, or furniture ankratzt.

- You say that you're much outside - but how much and what are you doing? cycling, walking? What is your lot? Depending on the breed, some need more or less run. An older dog (as you like it) is naturally more pleasant because he wants to be probably less demanded, as a puppy.

At 4 hours work / week course you have plenty of time for the animal. When you are ready, a lot of time and love in the dog to invest, you're one of them certainly very happy. :) Just animals from the home are incredibly grateful.


it is really a good idea to try to offer a dog a home, but ...

I bought a dog because I could ensure that I do not have to be one second alone my dog ​​in the first half year.

Can you guarantee that?

If a dog again comes into a family, he must adhere to the new environment used, it must be the or the new people get used, it needs to build confidence in his new people, there must be a bond (as closely as possible) between man and dog can occur and the dog must be socialized and trained.

All this runs into difficulties when one is compelled to leave the dog alone in the apartment. Of course, a dog can be left alone, but also the needs of dog learn and train. This does not work from now on immediately.



I wonder ib the money is enough if only mabmn 4Std working at day. Dogs can be very expensive very quickly. Vorallen when an OP comes.

Then puppy is no way, unless you you can get vacation for several weeks / months can.

Dog from the animal shelter is more in question although some are really critical.

So for me it was so, I'm a gone animal shelter on the Internet side and saw there a dog which I had then put in a head (was a mistake) I then drove to the animal shelter and went to walk the dog and to my initial disappointment I must say that he did not told me. The next time I was with another dog for a walk because that was the only degree was there and I saw the thought and so .. Oh .. Well let's go walkies ... And then he was so great I me so in the "love" that I adopted to meet him after a few weeks :) so my tip, do not go to look after and just go to the animal shelter and ask if you go with the dogs Gassi allowed to if you then a dog from its her suit you personality, then go more often with him to get to know him then you can better decide what really suits you :)

The conditions are suitable. If a senior comes to you in question, so you can really make very happy dog! Many dogs imprisoned for years at the shelter until they die.

Even if you're have quasi make the shelter "naked" what, etc. As for merit, time, Orga, it's one thing, through which one comes through well. In addition, you have the shelter the opportunity you to look at your new dog extensively, to go for a walk with him and can make friends with him already.

As Neuhundehalter which is always better than to pick an animal from an animal welfare Orga. The write is not always the truth, when it comes to the character of mediation animal. At the shelter, you can take a picture yourself.

work Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day.

then a puppy falls ever gone.

You can go to the shelter and go to the dogs so there times View. Surely one will be there, that fits you and is already accustomed to some hrs. To remain alone on the day.

If you or HIM YOU see, you know, it just, it was with me. was-a As I said can stay alone should do the trick, and plan definitely 1-2wochen acclimatization period in the vacation you take. Then you can tentatively let alone to see if it works it already

Go best had to go through in a shelter and let advise you there, best you take a somewhat older dog of many things in his life (such info can you get in the shelter), of course, he should then also suit you, just because you are a "team" with him are going. These dogs deserve even to lead it in my opinion a nice life! Hope you can make a dog happy :)

Dogs have suffered so much in the world today, because such people are like you very important!


I recommend you: plan in the near future even a few visits to animal shelters in your area a ...

Do not look for a puppy - but you Discuss with the caregiver that you are looking for a dog that can withstand four hours alone ...

... Although I actually think that it is a dog to determine if you previously know that the dog regularly have to stay many hours alone

Look at yourself in the shelter, the one um.Gefällt, go first often walk with him, so you can kennenleren and you can determine whether it suits you you. Reputable shelters give the dog anyway with immediately. Many also have a dog trainer who can tell you something about the dog and help you find the right dog for you.

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