provide higher Minecraft FPS

Hi, I've got gtx960 and ne i7 4790k and got only 60 fps where I set the higher?

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Why do you want more than 60FPS?

Your monitor can probably represent only 60HZ (frames per second), so it would be absolutely absurd, if the graphics card more than 60 frames per second calculated.

Basically should be enabled V-Sync.

Need for more? The human eye can only process but eh to 30fps ... (I was glad the way over 60 ... if too many trees are in the vicinity, I lagge at 5-10fpm rum xD)

Options -> Video Settings -> FPS = Slide to the far right = Max FPS

opti fine minecraft makes net more

Why do we need more than 60fps will you is your processor hot? From 300-400 fps, it is dur laggy processor heat

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