provide mother under supervision, but how

My mother is an alcoholic. She lives with a partner. My sister has a system that can regulate the most important things. Now, the other fact is that the partners apart from my mother exactly the 1st of the month all the money and important stuff is then no more money. My mother's partner has the debit card and also knows the number. The map no longer gets my sister.

Can we have a care with my sister and then sort things out for our mother or is not it?

What can we do to effective things?

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You need a signed by your mother and if possible notarized general power of attorney. Otherwise is nothing there. And just as you describe it, you will also be difficult to obtain.

If your sister has an account authorization, it can at least be blocked the debit card.

Otherwise you will only seize the courts for the incapacitation and that's pretty humiliating for everyone involved.


hab ?? it already produces a written request care. if not then but make immediately is unless agreed in writing and the whole was agreed verbally gave her quite a bit regarding your mother not in any.

You must necessarily be. gives information the guardianship court and they also help with the application.

Good luck!!

the partner of your mother is liable to prosecution if he simply used the card. your mother has to bench and let lock the card. she gets a new card, nor should they, and especially the pin no longer give out. can continue your mother give also your sister vollmacht for the account.

Against her will? That will be difficult if not impossible. Turn to the competent authority supervision, based in the municipality or the county. You can also directly seek a court.

against the will of bad possible. Application to Amtsgericht questions, describe the event.

Your mother must want, otherwise it is not.

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