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Hi I have several criminal complaints made ex boyfriend against my and that is already 2 months ago someone knows maybe as it takes until the statsanwaltschaft modest gets because of impeachment which I would like to finally conclude with the verganenheit but I can not as long as it is not his has just strafe bekomnen and wait that makes me ready

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This can take a long time, will depend on the complexity of the facts, the evidence, the determination will and the capacity of public prosecutor. Can also take considerably more than a year.

Since you will unfortunately continue to have you to be patient. Even if the investigation concluded and accusatory ripe would - the courts are completely overloaded. Since it might take a year or more, until it goes to trial - unless the accused sitting in custody (in the case the process should run at least every 6 months, but even that can not always be adhered to).

Posted immaterial, or for other reasons are ongoing procedure after 3 months usually. Then a notice would come by the prosecution.

So - keep waiting, but hard you too.

It may also be that the case was closed due to insignificance or lack of public interest.

This can take a while. They have not in such a hurry and still other cases.

6 months

I had displayed my ex because of social deceit and devious of services because it is faster, because they have in mind an interest

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