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Hello dear community, I have the following problem.

I write tomorrow in the third hour a Lateinarbeit.Ich had total fear the have to put in the sand because I had three fours in the first round of work and today a five brought home in English habe.Was means I to werden.Falls fear not displaced important it is I'm in 7.ten Klasse.Wenn her idea you how I can overcome this fear let me have please protein.


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I do not know how the rest of your notes looks, but it does not belong only to the written exist, but also your other employees in the classroom. And one can still compensate with other subjects.

Property me at Vokabeltest example always enjoy working with small Spicker where the German word and the translation draufstehen and distributes them in the apartment; ect front of the toilet, above the bed, at the door. So impressed you the easier one, because it already perceives subconsciously.

To relieve the pressure, even if you once durchfällst and sit stay, what's the big deal, get ne 2nd chance and it all starts at zero, this time you hold the experience and much better chance to close the year, but nutz they then also. Otherwise just show willingness and do not be too good for an extra tasks, might press your teachers then touch the eye once, after all, are only human (except for some :).

You have anxiety before exams because you're bad? Get tutoring or learning more.

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