ps3 to Canadians sale on Ebay

I have my reingestellt ps3 on ebay and a day later it has jmd purchased from Canada (immediate purchase). In the description, however, was clearly shipping only within Germany. How should I proceed now will prevail? Finally, he has to buy it now or? How does it look with shipping from ..?

Thanks in advance! :)

Mfg Hasan

The best answer

It would be a newly registered in Canada ebay account without reviews.

And again you'd like a scam known as Niger Connection fall. Please read this tip from @AryaCat:

https: //www./tipp/vorsicht-nigeria-betrug--nigeria-scammer-bei-ebay ...

Please provide the ebay Nick the buyer and suspend, in your own interest, the contact.

In the description, however, was clearly shipping only within Germany

Receive the comment still a link so you get credited the sales commission for selling ebay.

Listen to what haikoko writes. This is a scam of Nigeria Connection. No transaction abort, otherwise you remain on the sit sales commission, because the seller does not agree, but do not report unpaid item and close to 4 days.

I'm not quite sure, but I think you can do it were undo the purchase. Or you contact the buyer by mail ud write to him that you are communicating only within D, as in the description. If he has you the money and you call a delivery address (contact) in D, you can stop it just go there email. LG

If you ship it - but only insured.

I think it with write-Maxibrief to 1000 grams - 9.15 Euro; to 2000 grams - 19,15 Euro goes.

For this purpose you should send it by value declared mail. Good packaging is very important! The dimensions are length + width + height to 90 cm. No page should be more than 60 cm long.

You have to think not always adhere to the Nigeria Connetion.

Is your concern too big, write him that you ship and eighth in the readjustment that you aussperrst all other countries and continents only within Germany. The check on the 1st page when setting near the bottom.

Schick in an email with the reference to the shipping only within Germany.

cancel the transaction, inform eBay and then adjust

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