Ps4 crashes at start of gta online

My ps4 always turns off if I want to start gta online. Does anyone have any idea what that might be ??

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Hey do you have now a solution had been found? Because I bought my ps4 only a few months ago and then couple of weeks ago only times the single player played gta v online only I have now tried a week ago without success with me crashing the ps4 always off if I want in the online mode have initialized even ps4 new and gta v reinstalled

Hey, yes I had found a solution. Namely: go into PlayStation Home screen, network, set up Internet connection, => wifi Select => custom => Select your connection => automatically => not specify => automatically => and now comes the crucial point! Here go on manually and enter 1450! by click on the rest and look that gta goes online! ;)


may have many reasons: software error, for example.

I would first try; Delete GTA and install it then re. See if the game will still crash.

Otherwise; on the GTA support forums times read.


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