PSN Account Problem! HELP

Hey guys, I have a huge problem with my PSN account. I have recently purchased the PS4 with GTA V and wanted me on PSN Sign. I know that you have to PSN + buy, but thought to myself, I could even go into the PSN store and get me the two free weeks. For this I need the PSN Sign, which does not work!

PS4 -> "Settings" -> "PSN" -> "Log PSN" -> "Wait please ..." -> "Server connection is not possible (NW-31201-7)."

Now the question is, as I have always Successful connection test: Should not we have the opportunity to enter their email address and password? How does the Playsi otherwise, which account I wish to register? PSN have and I use also successful on the PS3. But the problem is that I am with the PSN account the PS3 NOT on the PlayStation website can register via computer. Since then is always that my e-mail can not be found oderso. Can I still log in to the PS3 with the but. I want to create a new acount, because I otherwise Scores of GTA V can not be transferred.

Does the problem still someone? Does anyone know any advice? Am grateful for every tip and links to other threads do not help me because I have scoured everything and there were other problems mostly. Please please please

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