Psychoanalytic behavior my teacher?

Good evening,

my teacher gathered kürzlichst a test and let the name before those they had in front of him, so the missing to filter out. until you let John Doe, Thomas Bauer, Florian shoe, then my name, but called only the first name with me, so the Lea as an example now. Then it was back to above scheme with the last name on. She spoke my name out even softer. Given our almost four year history including closer contact (hugs take, in the car, stayed at her without sexual background, Birthday gifts, etc.) opens up me this circumstance. However, I would like to have access to a more objective consideration of the above facts, I of involved and so subjective that could not be yes.

My question is dessenthalben how the above behavior of my teacher is psychologically considered to analyze?

Thanks in advance!

The best answer

The unprofessionalism is unfortunately felt quite what has already led to riots last year, so that it now gives me better grades through more written than through oral. Last year I had hardly said anything and got as the only 13 P. mdl. What they dismissed due to demands of students because of unequal treatment with drawn from the nose excuses. The written grade improvement is visible in direct comparison and is "to be considered must be individually and in context" again by etc. dismissed. I basically do not care. I still insecure, because I do not know what she wants exactly. Friendship, or more. Normal student-teacher relationship that was anyway never. Did even their phone number, where they then purely power always so ridiculous Whatsappstatuse (miss you, but it may not be long or HAIR do not care (I've long hair), etc.) Even though she is married

She is with you on a persönlichereren level than with the other students.

Much more can not be interpreted from the given facts.

Times apart from the fact that I think that for unprofessional so openly known to do in the classroom.

She thinks nothing of it. And as long as, their Favoritism not clearly expresses and comes to unrest within the collegiate community of the class, it is not questionable.

As Freud once said: 'Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar'

Interpretive not too much in there.

Since behavior your teacher is described subjectively by you. But your description indicates that you must have considerable psychological problems.

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