Puddingpulver 2010 still edible?

Hello, dear community.

I had so fancy pudding yesterday. With us on the shelf different puddings from different vintages. A package of 2010, which I then pity me, because they would otherwise have located there for another 5 years in cabinet.

Smells good, tastes good, only the coloring is a bit unusual. Should I really eat yet? I do not want to kill my whole family ^^

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The custard powder can not be bad, except it gets wet. The expiration date indicates only that the quality of the pudding is given so long. So taste, texture and color does not change. If only the color is different, you can eat calms the pudding yet. Otherwise applies to all foods: while it's still smells good and tastes and no mold has formed, you can still eat everything.

Dry products are usually not bad, the imprinted date is only a MINIMUM-before date, the products lose with time only to flavor, taste, color ..... but harmful it is ....

Listen to your gut feeling. If the dry and the speed of light was beared, actually can not happen as much.

Dry products, such as powders, are actually not bad, if they are packed. It must draufstehen an expiration date only everywhere, up to the diuese products are at least preserved. If the powder is still good and no mold or similar signs of deterioration show (odor changed), mushrooms), then you can use it quietly. In addition, the powder is in Pudding Make yes erhitztz (at least 70 degrees Celsius), while germs are killed, which should rather come from the other ingredients but when. Of the powder If you think that there is still good, it used. If it was no longer good, you'll remember it, yes. Use may not be equal to the whole package, though if you are not sure, or throw it away. But it should still be good.

If the color changes I would not eat it, custard powder is not so bad quickly if stored cool. After so long, it could also be that the taste changed, I consume something always within one year.

Guck Just on MHD.

No careful!

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