Puppy and 4 j. female dog

We have since today a puppy (dog) in our family and our dog (4 1/2 years old) growls it mean only when he approaches her. It is open to him not too, and when he got his extra dose of puppy food tonight I have a moment not paying attention when I was in the garden with the two and saw eat our large half cup. Since I became loud to stop this. Now she reacts the puppies against, unfriendly than before because it connects the determined together. We both brought together in a relatively neutral ground (with my grandmother, there we are at times).

My question is: How can I make matching the two lighter, the puppy protection is probably not the case here since he is an alien and it also has a few times caught him.

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Yes I try also to let still feel that it is my number one. But this is difficult because it is just 8 weeks old and every hour must be carried out as we go through the basement in the garden and he still can not climb stairs. Our dog is a staffordshire mix and he is a border colli Mongrel. The eat with is a good idea. I must admit that I was quite nervous and still am for the two. Do remember that the yes .. also: /


have you not tried before like the dog lady responds to small dogs?

How old is your puppy? He remembers nicht`s of the world.

Are the dogs the same race? Or is the puppy does already bigger?

The Your Lady to the bowl of the Little went is normal, for it is galling.

Now you understand by your behavior, it is dangerous to go there ran,

They do not understand that you can ran the other!

Since coming to jealousy!

Feeds you together, which may be the puppy real food eats and your dog puppy food.

What it is, the main thing the dogs feel at home!

Only in this way you can avoid it, that later a feed dispute arises!

Unfortunately, you have asked the dog to fight by your reaction!

You must therefore not accept more no. 1 to be in the house!

But do not forget, before you was No.1

Greeting Sunny

This is normal behavior, your dog is the puppy only the rules. You can not expect that the dog's puppies with open arms.

if you feed the puppy you give your dog something too. So they will not feed envious.

Solang your older deb puppies not take bullying let them un calm.

it would have been better if you had it dabbled times, and she shows him who's boss now that's normal :) They had until now always the boss, and she wants to make the small clear;) & you are allowed her feel give in no case they no longer number 1 is with you, which unfortunately make many wrong.

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