Puppy as a second dog feeds in 3 weeks. Tips?

Hello Dear dog lover :)

We are in about 3 - 4 weeks to get growth from a small puppy girl :) Have you some tips for how we are to manage the first days / weeks ??

So our first dog: He is a Labrador, 1 1/2 years old and not yet neutered. Fully compatible, not dominant and has no food envy and Tells his toys with all :) Sometimes it is somewhat stormy and a bit rough when playing. He now goes super on a leash (since there were initially a few difficulties, but through the daily training and our dog trainer we now visit every week, it works quite well.)

The puppies girl comes from a friend and we would have the opportunity to advance the two used to each other. She is now 5 weeks old, but to know the two have so far not yet.

How should the first meeting / getting to know like? Where should it take place?

We had the chance to let the two already 2-3 times a week together, because we want that they now ever used to each other.

If the little lady move in with us, we have 2 weeks vacation. Knowing how best to manage so that these 2 weeks thereafter, if they then have to stay home alone (day only about 3-4 hours) also works well?

Villeicht ye even so some tips :)

Thank you in advance in advance.

The best answer

It is very good when the two get to know beforehand. Have I made with my two.

The first meeting was with us when she was 4 weeks old in the garden with all the other puppies.

With six weeks we went with our two adult dogs and the little mouse the first time for a walk - just a lawn and well. But go just in the garden. And so we have the little seen 3 times prior to collection and our dogs also.

When you pick up I would only times make a meeting in the garden or on the lawn before you go along in your own 4 walls.


First dog prefer - ie he becomes the first food, first a toy, first a treat etc.

Cuddle and play more with your dog as before. Show him that he has advantages when the little one is there.

Honestly - I would not let past 2 weeks the dog alone. A puppy is building so much nonsense and together can end badly.

You fetch them at 8 weeks and 10 weeks old, they want to be alone! How is this possible with the housetraining? Can they endure so long? And how do you know after 2 weeks, if not a jealousy eventually begins and your dog puts into the corner? What if both do some crap?

One should generally not leave a puppy alone. Your Labbi is no help but rather an obstacle. I would look that a dog sitter is there.

Your Labi may be educated - can the but by a puppy change very quickly.

My dog ​​was moved as my little 4 years. He is a quiet, sovereign male. He was still a few weeks she was up about 15/16 weeks old. Well, and then I had 2 puppies! He began to things that he has never done before - not even when he was a puppy. He swiped example from the table, ran with teddies in Bude rum - it afterwards - everything fell over. I thought it was great because he was super happy and it is even now. But alone I would never have left the two. The risk would have been too great to me.

Now your Labbi is just 1.5 years old. Ie. Far from mature. He can even make a development through and then alone with a puppy? to hand over the responsibility at such a young dog, I think this is wrong.

Reflect on it again please.

One can have luck so that the dog no behavioral problems shows that, however, is rarely so!

Your dog is now 1 1/2 years young that he is not mentally fully mature, with a Labrador that will be so in 2-3 years, and even behavioral problems can still occur.

To the two merge I would recommend Social Walks, but everything in moderation! Also resource behavior can only develop if the Madel is retracted, because this is a completely different situation than other dogs outside or come to visit times.

Since the walks are best kept short, so that the little lady is not completely overwhelmed!

Furthermore, the Madel should remain at least 3 weeks longer at Mama and Wurfgeschwisterchen, although it is still generally UNFORTUNATELY but the puppy is to be delivered by the 9-10 week for the development of the dog is not good.

What also is one more possibility is that it puts a handkerchief the little lady with the cup and this then already after a few days take with to you to ensure that your dog receives the odor before and it this is also known and would be just the opposite it makes sense not only already acquainted the little lady the smell from your dog in advance but also the one of you in the form of a worn T-shirts or the like.

That takes a lot out of stressors for the entry into the new home. Because such a move is for a dog always a traumatic experience, the dog already smells of his new people got to know now but, is it all not quite as strange and you can order the dog so make a lot less stressful.

2 weeks have also MMN definitely too short, a baby can not be also alone, a puppy is nothing and at worst you have afterwards 2 dogs with separation stress, because as already it described know not even whether to complete development of your dog it does not include separation stress shows, especially if you have made it as described.

Stürmish and rough while playing may incidentally be a sign of increased arousal able and also it should work adequately, because that may be the remainder of the dog to a problem.

People you are talking of a young dog who is now in adolescence, ie it is not yet fully grown and you know not yet what he will perhaps show a behavior when it is fully grown, so I personally think it really potentially dangerous to you now NEN to bring puppies into the house !!!

Either one gets immediately 2 puppies and even that is or can be fierce unnerving or allowed to a once grow up and then takes nen 2. dog into the house, so that's mMn redlichst unfavorable!

First meeting ever on neutral ground. Never in my own home.

Labis are gross motor. You can have a puppy and severe personal injury. They should not lose sight of the beginning.

In the two weeks vacation the puppy needs a settling-in period, as it can be fatal to let him alone already.

Villeicht ye even so a pair of tips

Yes, let's be better with the puppy.

Normal leaves a puppy up to the age of about 7 months, not only because it does not help if a 2nd dog in the house is ... you reach the 2 weeks holiday so never made.

The small need to get out every 2 hours, as you will do that when 3 - 4 hours alone.

If you want the pull so, expect you if you come home a frightened puppy has made in the apartment, probably will in the long run the house apart and when it runs quite stupid behavioral gets.

Knowing how best to manage so that these 2 weeks thereafter, if they then have to stay home alone (day only about 3-4 hours) also works well? "

even if you already have a home in erw.hund habt-- can a puppy you still never heated with. dog and anyway never alone lassen-- namely until the first lebnsjahr the now no time. not 3-4 hours per day. you think because she is not alone, with your labi would go-- this is a fallacy - they will feel lonely and 2 weeks are not enough anyway to entwöhnen-- the tierchen of mother and siblings you would a large make errors, which you get to feel to a ripe age. so please governs that small is NOT alone. up to half a year did not and then you can consciously start with the workout to be alone and to exercise it in mini steps - mti approx 1 year is completed the workout and they should be able to stay 3-4 hours a llein. but this also is no guarantee, because there are dogs who never learn.

I find it strange that you nich ÅPress your trainering're discussing such problems, you ought siehst..die week know it but most likely, how this thing handharbt.

Well, that will go wrong quite with you ...

... Your first dog is far from confident enough to deal (in age) with a puppy - and certainly you can the two dogs after 2 or 3 weeks acclimation time together alone can ...

Or maybe ... has this been going if you want to renovate after that ...

Smart people the puppy-girl would also only get into the house when the little one about 11 - 12 weeks old is ... Then she learned from the bitch still a lot of important things and get on the way ...

If you already for your rowdy Labrador must the help of a dog trainer avail how should it be fine in the long run with you with two dogs? I trust you just do not!

... and you've written, your dog is not neutered - does that mean, the dog is spayed before the "new" female becomes sexually mature?

... Or you want to go under the multiplier?

Castration way does not replace EDUCATION !!!

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