Puppy let alone outside with a first dog !?

Hello I get a puppy tomorrow (rude). He is 9 weeks old (soon 10 weeks). I now have 2 weeks off and then I go back to work and then I 7 hours away from home. We also have a first dog, he is a Labrador and 9 years old. He is the whole day there and knows the be alone and has absolutely no problems with it. My question would be: it can fold the my puppy to the alone be used in such a short time? He would daylong outdoors with our Labrador. Thanks in advance for the answers.

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I can not support something. It may be fine - but it's good for the puppy? Probably not, since this needs attention, and not just after hours. A puppy in the age should eat 4 times a day. The Housebreaking can suffer.

But what can be very problematic, is the relationship between the two dogs. What if your first dog his peace will and the little she does not give him? Maybe he cautioned so that it can learn the little man. But what if not?

I think nothing of it. Can not imagine that a reputable breeder to add a puppy under these conditions me.

But what you want to achieve with your question?

- You bring it Welpi sowiso

- You write down that it also went well in your first dog

So what you get is the aim of the question?

Hey that's supper who you with the dog so go out there best off leash go best in a park he'll run behind Lord because he does not like to be alone my leuft me behind her, and from whom comes another dog he sees you protecting me you call me you wait for me that I have ever made together dog and I would fit the park not too close to a road is

Honestly gutzi I find that terrible. Whether your Althund is well educated or not, does not matter. It leaves no puppy alone for so long unattended and then with a dog where you do not know what happened. Alone you can 7 hours alone your dog. From responsible dog ownership, one can not speak there.

Sorry, but I'm glad that you now do not directly need to face me, otherwise I would not know really what I would do .. After 2 weeks, the dog still absolutely not accustomed to his new environment - he is just 11- 12 weeks old then and needs round the clock care. This can you not lose your Labrador! And sorry, but why you have to get a dog, if you can not care enough about you ?? It's enough that you let out seven hours a day alone in your other dog, now you do not have again to get a new dog. For me, this smacks strongly of animal cruelty!

A little more courtesy please ;-) Ultimately, I wanted to achieve no insults but learn experiences. And the next thing is, I do not understand sometimes what the problem is, our Labbi is super educated and had to remain alone on the 2nd week. However, when we come to 1 always someone home and he was only in extreme fall alone for so long. A normal working person, has not the time to take 8 weeks or longer holiday, as there are just 3 weeks vacation in the normal case. So would therefore have to hardly anyone outstanding time for a dog. And no question, I know that it takes a lot of attention and a lot of love that he is but when I get home just as much get how he would get it from a resin 4 receiver that sits home all day; - )

letting a puppy not 7 hours alone !! it needs to be settled. and certainly not outside. even if your Labbi as squats (I hope not even on the chain.).

explain to me again why you anschaffst you a PUP if you 7 !!!! hours a day except house bist-- and your first dog anyway must have lived in the kennel - what relationship you have to dogs because - garkeine at least not the ones you should have as a halter.

the labrador has no problems with the sole outward attitude -? - as he shows you that? ndem he gave up and then dozes until you finally again are at home - a day full of boredom, without any new impression, without being allowed to go Gassie without contact with other people and dogs, and day after day month after month YEAR for year

- How can he tell you that he has to live his SOOO determined not imagined and now you want that too a PUPPIES to do that must never be left alone until it 1/2 year old is-- .. plus the OPA thought must continuously throughout the day on the Lütten aufpassen-- carryover the times please a man - the old is totally overwhelmed by the situation - that he is not in charge - if you have bad luck, he bites the Lütten even .because it is getting too heavy to him all day to have a quirrligen puppies around, which also toal long hurries because he has kontat to nothing - that can not learn and can, the can only know zwnger and opa (a Labbi ca is 10-- 14 years old, with 9 so he is already about 70 good human age) - as it nutz nothing if he can get out at night time, for he ne stunde-- will never be housebroken, is forced into his exkrimenten rumzulaufen --a puppy would every 2 hours to get out - he will suffer starvation because a puppy would werden- fed several times a day

.a -A HORRORZENARIO --- just to satisfy your vanity case for animal protection you -if it converts you hopefully good neighbors!

The poor dogs! Why do you let your dog outside? Dogs want to man! And poor puppy .. something like you is irresponsible, you should have no dog! :(

Who are you as a puppy please?

You can not have puppies all day alone can not be outside.


More I would not say better.

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