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Hello :) I'm considering a small, sweet puppy to purchase. Unfortunately, I have / we. Only a community garden (that I share it with neighbors) The race should be child friendly. Are there breeds that also have a longer time to stay inside without problem and like children? (Of course I'll go for a walk and be outdoors as often as possible) :)

vusiii003 Greetings :)

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There are many things that you have to meet the dog humanely keep können.Hier You can learn it, and then you have to think about whether you can offer the all him. Of course, a dog can sometimes stay inside, but do not let him alone for hours. As sometimes not puppy.


Puppies are exhausting. This is as if you had an extra child. Are you willing to go out with the dogs child at night? Hundekotze and dog mess to clean the carpet? to spend daily time with the dog for education? In addition, at least twice a for at least one hour walk (depending on the breed) to go? Once visit the puppy school week? The dog with other dogs socialize?

As the dog in character development, is your task and is your responsibility. There is no breed of dog, the children do not like. And dogs are fine companions and playmates. But they do a tremendous amount of work, which is unfortunately often underestimated.

I'm considering a small, sweet puppy to purchase.

what because your parents say about your idea? Buy and finance takes the yes then your parents.

A puppy can not let the first few months alone. How will you do that when you go to school and go to work your parents?

A puppy should be every 2 hrs. (At night) and between low, educated and several times daily. Fed.

Dogs are very expensive and you as a child can not shoulder the whole burden financially.


dog license fee


Hundepension (holiday period, not all dogs are welcome)


Veterinarian (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog) dog school etc ...

It costs a lot of money to keep a dog.

Unfortunately, I have / we. Only a community garden (that I share it with neighbors)

then you must obtain permission from the neighbors and landlord. Not all dogs are welcome!

a longer time may stay inside without problem

Such breeds / dogs do not exist. Every dog ​​needs a lot of attention, exercise and employment, and every day of his life, 10-18 years!

Also, remember that your interests, obligations and friends will change in the next few years, so that you then no interest, no time and no desire for the dog who will!

The puppy will even be an adult dog. Are you still ready to take responsibility?

Hello vusiii003,

Unfortunately, you have not written, what it should be for a race. How big should the dog be because? Puppies but all are small.

Depending on how you educate the dog, he remains alone, but it should not be longer than 3 hours.

At Children can a puppy get used immediately, if allowed to play as together, but at the beginning, of course, remains and careful.

Should it be a race dog, otherwise go to the shelter and look like there times around, because there are also puppies.

You can also see on the Internet, what races there and read out by the characteristics of the animal.

MfG Angelika

you can teach any dog ​​that he can be a bit left alone. & If the dog is well understood by children, which is just about everything in the education :)

Candy you buy at the grocery store ...

Small, cute puppies are pretty fast adult dogs ...

Kinderlieb and humane, dogs by corresponding consistently-loving upbringing.

Before your parents choose and buy a dog with you, you shall all thoroughly informed; for there are books and shelter staff will be ready to give a fitting to your family dog.

And NO, there is no specific breeds for hours at home can be left alone - every dog has to be used in small increments to the Alone stay and there are also quite dog that can not leave you alone ...

A dog puppy would be forced out with you if you want to leave him alone at the age of a few weeks ...

when you read your other question, you realize that you are so young that you must buy you no dog ...

brought the halting of a puppy does not depend from the own garden from -man baruchst especially much more time and a puppy mus all 2-3 hours to the outside (day and night) and must not be alone at home ...

also does a dog per month ca 100-150 euros ..

please read some good books about dog attitude - then you will dirirgendwann possibly even your dream with dog can meet


a year ago, you're still going to school

https: //www./frage/was-kann-ich-malen--d foundin = user-profile-quest ...?

How in the world do you want to buy you a dog? First, going only when one is an adult - and secondly, following the school mostly basic vocational training or study. Both will not be nearly enough time for a dog - a puppy, the long can not stay alone, a lot of time for the education needs, certainly not.

Please be aware that to enter a lot of people time and trouble to write sensible and helpful answers. to present "Fun Questions" I find quite disrespectful.

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