Puppy training (walking the dog, etc.)

Hello everyone, it's about my 11 week old puppies, I have brought to me yesterday. He is a very sweet but understandably more anxious and insecure. But we have already established a good bond. Well today I did not go to the same dog school because I still want to give a while acclimatization him. I play and cuddle of course very much with him and go with him out into the garden. but I dare not to make as much with him because I'm afraid I challenge him.

Is there a meaningful order, such as only respond to name, then call upon the commands, etc. to practice?

And I also want to take him a week, when I'm traveling, I practice with him a bit, the run on a leash. This is available when Nocht not. His dishes it logically also unusual, but he nibbled it. I then try it again and deflect with his toys that he purely bites since. Are there any other ideas? And it is too early (to know just to have other dogs and the atmosphere) with to take to horse him as?

I would appreciate answers.

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Afraid is just not as good - my has the same all rooms, the whole garden and all the people in the house examined on the first day times automatically. From fearful no trace. The first two days it was learned only in the house and garden and has "come" their name and. One must learn as a human being only once to know the dog and the dog has to the family rhythm know for now. With the horses she was allowed on Day 3 - as these big black animals the chickens were a bit furchteinflösend, but one has durchgerochen times, running around with us were appraised. Leash training the first 4 days was sporadic and short. After 4 or 5 days, most have to get out, that one should run along - but that are still several weeks until it works well. Playing with other dogs must be careful in the beginning very, because the yes no puppies have protection at strange dogs. So all little more cautious. Grab and motoring we practice almost every day - because that will always be later so that they must with - so you can the also begin immediately. One must know when to moving on to other activities, and the dog in silence leaves. Eigendlich it is quite simple - Whenever the dog retires or lying down somewhere, he is left in peace. If dog is active you will be currently active themselves.

The first thing learned my dogs "no" (what you're doing because I do not want to do what else) "permanent near me", their names and "come".

Regularly I went somewhere with the dogs. Pet Vet City etc. And I always pay attention to the body language and adapt to the stimuli.

my dog ​​was after 2 weeks in the dog school and my rude from the 7th week with consultation of Trainiern.

You can still take to the stable, but when little is going on and at first no horse but only just the smell.


my dog ​​is from the outset with the horses and otherwise been everywhere. I eigentlch all practiced parallel. "No" and listen to the name, and walk on a leash. Name came just always everywhere before, if you are Futtr, you can begin to establish prima recall. The dishes I put him in the beginning, when it was so exciting elsewhere, he lost the part forgotten

If you have brought the puppy yesterday, then you have now no means a good bond ... ^^

Now that's fact, sorry, when I say that so clearly! :)

With eleven weeks the fluffy little umsichpieselndeundkackende Monster ... ^^

... This creates the bond over weeks, months, years even ...! :)

... The first ordeal begins with puberty - as in real life halt! :)

The mine I have taken from the outset with the horse! And in the riding hall. And in the zoo. And in the city. And in the parking garage. And in the bird park. And in the ice cream shop, the restaurant, in the public Klokabine, on bridges, footbridges, elevators, cars and what I remember where all the dogs child came along there ...

Clear are the timid, they know the world is not so. This must not be underestimated!

It is important to adapt to the dog and child can not be expected, it could behave like an adult dog!

What helped me a book about a puppy:

"The dogs Elementary School: A six-week training program" by Patricia B. McConnell, inter alia,

Since toll explains how dogs learn, which has both the dog and made ​​me joy and greatly facilitates the coexistence! :)

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