Purpose operating or asset management? income tax return

Hello everybody...

I sit currently on the corporation of our association. I am therefore also luckily almost completely finished, but since all is for us (and for me) the first time, I have 2-3 expenditure on their classification, I am not sure. All inputs and outputs so in these 4 categories (conceptual sponsor activity, asset management, purpose operation, economical operation).

In the following issues, however, I'm not sure about the classification ...

-Notar And court costs for inclusion in the register court

-Costs For the club's website (both the server costs as well as the bill for their manufacture)

-Benzinkosten For club rides (procurement of information to fulfill the association's purpose)

-Monthly payroll by the club account (asset management or operation purpose?)

If someone can give information about the classification of these items mentioned me, I would be very grateful. In internet I find the descriptions unfortunately only items such as rent, etc. without being entered deeper on what else belongs to where.

The best answer

Notary and court costs: ideal area

Cost of club's website: This is more difficult. It depends on what is on the website. is a lot of advertising with it, then economic business without advertising or sponsorship: ideal area.

Fuel costs for club trips: Purpose Operation

monthly payroll from association account: What charges? The may apply in all 4 areas.

Wow, that * is * must to another location ... I've forgiven the set 1-2 converted and then probably not paying attention

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