Pythagorean theorem at square?

The formula for the volume of a cuboid is: a × b × c

If I only have a & b specified z. B., I must then the Pythagorean theorem (c = square root of a high 2 × b high 2) use of c ranzukommen?

Hope the question was understood ^^

The best answer

To avoid such a misunderstanding, I'm always hard for not learning the Pythagorean theorem in letters, but in the version: ". In a right triangle, the sum of Kathetenquadrate is equal to the hypotenuse"

And where no triangle, since no Pythagorean theorem. And your sides a, b, c form a triangle!

No you can not do the SDP is intended for rectangular derieckchen. to get at c you just have A = a * b * c then take a and b are running and therefore the formula change A zero translated and c get left

Nope. Think of it figuratively before. Just because you know how high and wide the square is you can never close it how deep it is. You can not calculate. The may be 1cmx1cm and 1m deep or 1km.

If only for right triangles c:

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