Quad Start Spray

Hello my buddy has a quad which currently does not start he thought I should start pilot / start spray bring then I do not want to stand there and have no idea why I prefer to ask to where I spray the spray? The quad is a kymco mxu 500

The best answer

Take the cover off the air filter down and filter out, it can purely spray and subsequently try to start.

Look but perhaps first if the fuel is still good ....

The "problem" I had just a few days with my quad when I wanted to wake it from hibernation :-)

Of course, I did not start spray on hand. Did then pulled the fuel hose from the tank and siphoned some gasoline (really only a few ml!)

I had it had ne syringe ...

Then the air filter hose from the carburetor and inject the fuel into the carburetor. Wait for a while, so that the gasoline "unfold" can and start ...

So you need to truly not start spray it!

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