Quantum mechanics without many end levels of the "normal" physics

Hello, quantum physics sounds to me interesting on ... However, I stopped at the school with physics, as soon as possible (am now 12 and have the specialist for 3 years or so no longer). If I -For fun, not after what will confront in the direction to students in a self-study with quantum mechanics, which basic knowledge of the conventional physics I need then to ever understand anything? And brings what ever, or so makes an issue only for people sense that in general are very familiar with physics? (Math is incidentally also not my strong point!)


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Hello Revedero,

I think it's nice that you want to employ you at least on popular scientific level with the statements of QM, if you have a physics deselected so early. Because yes: That brings a lot.

We live happily at a time in which the whole of human knowledge each of us is easily accessible. And even if you will not understand anything - so you should not expect, at least not right away, of course - you'll definitely benefit from it. I always find it regrettable how little scientific knowledge are respected in educational canon and are considered more "Nerdwissen". It is not least scientific thinking, which has allowed the knowledge and thus our modern democratic life.

You can guess it already myself: Physics - any physics - based on exact mathematical formulation. Physics is when I once tough say it, applied mathematics. Mathematics seems to be the language of nature. we get only about mathematical formulation to exact predictions that we can verify exactly in the experiment also. Only then can we false Vostellungen about nature discover (if theoretical prediction and experiment just do not go together) and discard.

This even applies in particular to the quantum mechanics.

It is a descriptive theory.

That is, it does not tell us why the world of the smallest to behave as the QM predicts. Macroscopic physical theories indeed give us concrete ideas about the world in his hand. Newtonian mechanics, speaks of forces. The ART of the curvature of space. But the quality does not tell us why quantum systems behave as we calculate it with the QM. We do not know, for example, which is an electron. We only know that it is neither classical particle, yet classical wave. It is something that does not exist in our orders of magnitude. The QM gives us but no concrete model, no concrete idea on the way.

Exactly why the QM lives even more of mathematics than other physical theories.

Since this math is also quite complicated, will have you need to be limited to a popular scientific description of the results of quantum mechanics.

That is why it is important that you mayest it just to inform you only from reputable sources. Like no other physical theory is the low quantum mechanics because they hardly understand a layman, abused by esoteric writers.

The quantum mechanics is assumed they deliver evidence of reincarnation, astrology, alternative medicine methods, for God and the world, so to speak. And none of it is correct. The abundance hanebüchener works on quantum mechanics is enormously.

As I assume you would like to know better what the QM actually says, I recommend two books by Anton Zeilinger.

Einstein Haunting: teleportation and other mysteries of quantum physics

Einstein's Veil: The new world of quantum physics

Both are actually written as well as at all possible for the absolute amateur. Anton Zeilinger but is one of the leading physicists who deal extensively with experimental applications of QM, ie a very reputable source.

A fairly good quick overview is also the lecture by Harald Lesch on the topic:


Dissuasion I have to hand in books published by Dürr, Warnke or Unzicker because they slide off of physics in the esoteric, so serious they may appear at first glance.


Quantum physics has nothing to do with the normal physics and is also in school not an issue. Therefore, do not care whether you have or not physics in school.

For quantum mechanics but you need advanced and abstract mathematics. Usually you can make do with it if one imagines what, understands the principle and then the math in math always. In quantum mechanics, however, is expected from things you can not imagine and hardly can explain in words. Even experimental physicists no longer understand their theorist colleagues generally.

But do not be put off. It is normal when you look in a textbook on quantum mechanics and absolutely nothing understand. Try going to a library and lend you from a few books. There are also popular science books that try to explain without math the subject. Of course you can then verify anything or really understand. But as an entry that is perhaps only recommended times. If you are really interested you need it years before you have to deal with quantum mechanics, the whole foundations in mathematics it.

For starters, look at that orbital model of the atom, and then count times the wave function for the simplest of all atoms, the hydrogen atom from. But that's for a performance. Then you can go deeper.

Also interesting, not mathematically, but just for information purposes, is quantum mechanical entanglement. There's really a lot to discover, as this world has nothing to do with our everyday experiences. But precisely what makes it so difficult is because to think purely.

Is also good science podcasts to physics and math. Methodically impropriety and the model approach may be mentioned as times. Since you may find a few more food for thought.

You brauchtst for quantum mechanics a passable understanding of classical mechanics. And what you learn in high school (or are learning to had) is not "passable"; I'm talking about there already from Hamilton formalism of familiarity with the waves and the Noether theorem.

Without that it will be difficult, because all a bit up in the air; possibly you can but because somehow over it shimmy.

What, however, does not go absofuckalut, quantum mechanics is not mathematics. Partial differential equations, complex wave arithmetic and Fourier Transforms are just a beginning, the quantum mechanics lives in Hilbert space. So you need a bunch of abstract algebra, plus a group theory .. The course you learn everything at the university or can you get books and attend self-help groups in the network, but if mathematics is your weakness, then the certainly nix.

depends on what level you're going to deal with it.

Of course there are popular science books that do entirely without any mathematics or physics prior knowledge. quite profound understanding is one of those works but certainly not get (are more something like an appetite stimulator).

if you wish to delve deeper into the matter, then you are going to mathematical and physical basic knowledge can not get around.

I can only encourage you to approach you the theme very easy. If you only understand Bahhnhof, halt taste different.

So I've made with physics not even to Abi, and math even without rate system. Through Chemistry (minor) I of course knew of the Schrödinger equation and the orbital forms, but only how they look. And have that photons do with energy levels. As there was no Internet, I read the empty Communal libraries. Nowadays, there's that too on television and the Internet. Simply browse, you could tell where you and where stuck what.

And a lot of contact with the conventional physics, I had not. Electricity, magnetism and waves are of course mandatory. I would suggest you only times completely to see Alpha Centauri, there are other series. Thus you will experience only once more about the world before you understand how it works.

This is actually a u. U. very very interesting topic. It can almost be regarded as a cornerstone of modern physics. The explanation of the behavior of matter in small size regulations .... You see the whole can be simple but also very very theoretical and complicated (thus more accurate) raise. If you say you are interested in the principle only I'd you might recommend to any documentation search .. maybe with Harald Lesch. The declared scientific and especially physical theories and aspects very vivid and well I think.

To understand the issue deeper, of course you need a slightly better knowledge than anyone physics deselecting and otherwise has little access;)) But I just think if it finds an interested outside coercion school and simply digestible dokus or article in Science magazine you should also have such a good insight into the subject get ..

Tags on the subject are as

-Heisenbergsche Uncertainty

-linearer potential well and much more.

Without knowledge of physics from the school's difficult, but not impossible

Pullin 'out the double-slit experiment purely .. if both slits are open, individually, the individual light-wave-particles pass at a distance in succession, then - although they are incident as light spots on the detector, such as particles or a' straight-beam '- .. forms over time after many light-wave-particles are nacheniander gone through enizeln -> a INTERFERENCE PATTERN out, exactly as in waves. (As if individual water droplets, successively thrown through a gap in a high arc to a sandy bottom at the end give an image as if it were a (full) water wave went through the gap Oo). If only one slit open each, comes the pattern NOT!

So wave / (properties of light) -> interference -> double slit -> wave-particle duality -> Quantum Mechanics / Copenhagen interpretation.

So now I'm not really well read in quantum mechanics, but just for me with vibrations pretty much math Especially mathematical understanding is required, but also quite abstract computation paths

Good introduction to quantum physics

Those looking to read a really interesting, very understandable, yet accurate book on quantum physics, the take

Silvia Arroyo Camejo: Skurrile Quantenwelt

Die Autorin hat es im zarten Alter von 17-19 Jahren geschrieben (noch vor ihrem Abitur), hat sich alles selbst angeeignet und schreibt besser und klarer als die meisten Hochschullehrer: Und das ist wirklich so!

Ihr Buch ist gut gegliedert, so dass fast jeder Abschnitt auch einzeln verstanden werden kann (jeder Abschnitt besteht aus maximal 3 Seiten und beantwortet die in seiner Überschrift genannte Frage).

Sie beschreibt so auf einheitlicher Abstraktionsebene die gesamte Quantenphysik. Die wenigen Formeln, die im Test vorkommen, versteht jeder Oberschüler.

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