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Hey, a slimy yellowish feces of a 2-year-old Chihuahua can still worm infestation or Gardien be right? Know a dog that has been dewormed only as a puppy. Is this bitch harmful to my dog? Owner says that this bitch but not a worm infestation so sure it does not act with this statement. thank you in advance

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1. yes its may, but need not. Can also be fed in such. Can also be intestinal mucosa. If my skin then eat the feces looks sometimes like this. If the feces look ever so, the owner should be tested on Giardia and should confirm with MSM combat (organic sulfur - reliably and without side effects.

2. Just because a dog is not constantly wormed, it does not mean that this has worms or gets and this is dangerous for your dog. Deworming give no findings, brings nothing. You entwurmst today and tomorrow to put on your dog.

Giardia has every 10th dog - but not so it shows it. But the single-celled organisms are in the feces and any dog ​​who sniffs it can become infected (but need not). Ie. Basically any feces of another dog dangerous than this bitch.

A healthy dog ​​that has a good immune system and a healthy intestinal flora is not plugged in.

My dogs are not dewormed. However, I look to the feces and should I have a suspicion that this is sent to the laboratory. And only if there is a finding, I give what.

Übringes the normal wormers not help against Giardia eh. So you can your dog worming as much as you like - Girardien he may still have. But the deworming are unhealthy and make the intestinal flora destroyed, that dogs are wormed, often have worms and giardia.

A healthy and natural feeding be the only risky thing to do before. And if you ever wormed, the intestinal flora should be built afterwards.

About a possible parasite infestation can shed an above 5Tagen each given fecal examination.

If a laboratory affiliated to the veterinary practice one has to take place normally within 3 hours a test result and it may possibly treatment. If no results available so you can at least rule out some causes of disease. Diarrhea Slimy can have different reasons. From stress, a (perhaps short-term) food intolerance, disorders in the digestive tract etc, anything is possible.

Often the chair paragraph regulates fast again.

Longer than 2Tagw diarrhea persistent or unusual defecation a veterinarian should be presented. Everything else remains speculation and there is a risk to the symptoms rumzudoktern. Get well

Can be Giardienbefall, but need not. It may also be simply that the dog has eaten something, then what in the end so comes out. Mucus is not always right, that the dog has what.

My had already times and it had no worms or parasites, and even though it is no longer chemically dewormed. We do this via the feed with grated carrots, grated coconut, a little garlic and Felligem feed, ie cattle ears, hare foot, cattle scalp with fur.

So far, no positive findings.

worming This whole 4 times a year is much too exaggerated. Provilaktisch acts no worming, because the very next day, the dog can catch something again. With all the chemicals destroying the intestinal flora only. Result are digestive problems and a sick dog who soon nothing more tolerate.

Accordingly applies only worming, if at all there is a positive result. Everything else is pure waste of money and would be the doctor twice. Once he earned on the tablets and then to the treatment of the damage caused.

gefagt times the other way around: would you want someone with "sleep" which is unclean or possibly even has diarrhea ......?

This bitch-owner seems to have clairvoyant abilities ^^ worm and Giardienbefall can be excluded only detected through fecal samples at the vet or.

further information

http: // ...

Slimy feces can also simply be an indication that the anal glands have emptied in one fell swoop.

My dog ​​was, until her death in 6 weeks before no longer chemically dewormed from 5 years old. What for? Worms can get right after deworming a dog, but the drugs stress the body extremely.

I take but not an antibiotic because my neighbor has a cold. The dog is not dangerous for your dog in this case.

Lies beg an to the subject and then the hysteria loses.

via the optic is possible not judge. it helps over regular chair rehearse for -Then vet to beingen you barucht not always zuentwurmen if no infestation is present ...

Your question reads as if your dog should cover a possibly sick bitch ...

But something decent people do not even ...

Even if one does not breed decent and clean in breed dog club, you know, but that is to be "propagated" in no case with dogs that are suspected to be ill ...

And if this dog is sick, or verwurmt which should be a declaration of an ordinary vet ...

Can also be intestinal mucosa detachment.

Many things are possible.

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