question about the dog license ?!

Hello dear, I would like to see soon buy a dog. I had unfortunately never that applies the law of a dog license and a've heard in lower Saxony. Now my question, I can not from another state bring a dog to me? And not Make? Someone has experience with it because I personally find a dog license quatsch

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It is not about where you buy the dog but where do you live and have him thus sign up. So then when you have to move. Before you buy you need far as I know only the theory part and do exist and then the dog together in specific period has expired the practical part .... how this works exactly, you can but the best in a dog school near you check the dog

I can not get out of one another bundesland a dog me

You can pick out the dog from where you want, but if you live in Lower Saxony and the dog is kept there, the following applies:

Whoever keeps a dog, must possess the required expertise for. It is evidence of the municipality upon request by the successful completion of theoretical and practical proficiency examination. The theoretical proficiency examination is before the inclusion of dog ownership to take the practical test during the first year of dog ownership. If the dog is held by a legal person, the person responsible for the care of the dog must have the required expertise.

Here you can read the entire law:

If you live in Lower Saxony, you'll also need to make a dog license, and that's not the worst. There are plenty of people who buy a dog because he's cute, but on education, these dogs will receive little to nothing with. So everyone premeditated, whether it is at all able to stand the dog license. A dog needs a certain basic order, and there are plenty of owners who think their dogs to do with a life without rules a favor.

It does not matter where you buy it, but on which you sign it and where you live with him. If you do not want to do, you have to stop moving.

Here in NRW must (as much as i) make only dog ​​owners with "dangerous" breeds and 20/40 dogs this license. But in Lower Saxony, it must all make.

For the "dangerous" breeds I can understand it yet, but that really all there need to make a I find frankly nonsense (probably had a few people back too much boredom). But well, now that's just so .. You can watch on the Internet and you so reasonable it prepare and if you educate your dog properly, which should really be no problem questions.

If it is in the state law, you do not go around it. Must sign into your residence him yes.

We in Hessen need a driver's license yet. but I found him also only makes sense if there would be assuming other things. Have already heard of what is just plain gone wrong.

Information about breed-specific legislation:

http: // navigation_id = 1810 & article_id ...?

You sign your dog indeed in Lower Saxony. Vo therefore it does not matter where you buy the.

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