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I am doing several times a week with the app Runtastiv a distance of about 9 km away. I jog (over) a distance and when I get out of breath, then I go a bit, so check back often to switch between jogging (running, as it is called in the app) and normal walking. Which type you wear as a nun? (Running or walking). Please respond only if you know perfectly it and a little explanation would be helpful for me. Thank you so much!

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There is no exact answer. In "Running" or "Walking" only the algorithm for calculating the values ​​is changed. The calculation agrees eh never exactly.

Now it remains to you leave if you prefer to have displayed a higher or lower consumption would like.

Is it just for you can also go biking Enter if you wish. Do not you have already set actually before the start of training mean? I for one take mountain biking if I want to record a track which I have traversed by car.

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