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Hello community,

I had just took a walk with my dog. My dog ​​is then run suddenly free running sheep afterwards ... I had heard only the mäh and naturally thought that they were fenced ... I have my dog ​​immediately caught, leash and am flipped.

Then the barriers came and threatened me that he lets his dogs out and nurnoch a shred meat remains for me of my dog ​​and ...

The dirt road is signposted anywhere let privately owned ... not even enter any berboten is where ...

Can the farmer his sheep simply run as (the path is used by all dog owners in the village) The farmer would have to know to go there Spatzier dog owners ...

he must Like I said ... the question his sheep there simply run unfenced? If not you should inform the police? Or does he have a sign up Caution freely running sheep?

The best answer

1. It should thus not threaten you (you can show !!!) 2. If the farmer has a license, but it is allowed to. Must also anschreben with "lead dog on a leash" "Warning freewheeling sheep" or 3. When his dogs are so "evil", one can only assume checking it is not a good dog owner. Lg FrageFuchs02

Private property does not have to be contacted and if others run well because you do not have an automatic right for it. If other what unjust do not automatically entitled the each other. But if you go there already then something may simply not occur, so leash your dog at least. Incidentally. Sheepdogs understand because no fun because they have learned to protect the sheep. You've really been lucky that they are not free running around like your dog, so introduce yourself merely not to

Certainly he has permission to graze his animals because, without fence. Fences make little sense in sheep, in which during feeding so must travel, which can not even eat on the spot. The shepherd must not take the dog for a walk goers consideration, rather the reverse.

You must be predictively, if you let your dog run free, the dog of the shepherd would have been free or at work on the sheep, would your dog had certainly nothing to laugh. If that happens, you excused yourself and fit better next time to. nevertheless the shepherd did not have to overreact so, but he knows halt synonymous what can happen when a strange dog rushes his sheep. This can lead to injuries and all, as I said, the Sheepdogs should your dog then you better not get caught, then the vertreidigen also.

To the season allowed your dog to the forest, or in meadows and fields do not actually run freely, because of the Bode breeders. So be careful, and just ahead.

right or wrong does not matter, the sheep farmer has stupid and aggressive dressed up, and even threatened with violence. you have a well-behaved dog, who immediately comes back even though he sees something extraordinarily exciting. Bravo.

I reg me again and again about the arrogant farmers, but at the end you can which really go away only from, discuss almost never brings what with whom. best you forget the matter again quickly and rejoice elsewhere on your well-behaved dog. life is too short to break with every fool a quarrel.

Of course, the farmer must run his sheep free, also because free-range sheep are much less dangerous not dangerous as free running dogs, specifically.

I'd look easy again more exactly if there is not yet a sign. If not, and again walk around the sheep there then I would call times to the police

Other question must walk your dog without a leash? We for example, is everywhere leash.

with us there a way that leads past a pasture with goats and Co. I leash because my dogs always on. (Yes I pups on the leash as long as no one is ...)

I would next time just call the dog at the site into the foot and is good. One does not have to equal immee a contentious break the fence.

After you supposed to do with no response / advice what (want

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