Question to eclipse tomorrow

Hello people I've now not as a spectacle and also do not have time to buy the how I can solve the different ??

The best answer

So take your mobile pressing on front camera (inside where you selfies doing) and hold it then so that you see yourself and the sky. then holding the phone so that you feel and the sun viewing and press record on. So you keep it tight and I bet even the can not with the glasses. Good luck and I hope I could help you

Oh ... a question to eclipse .... Look here.

http: // ...

You could take a pair of binoculars and so the sun's rays on the sheet Watch 100% safe. But please just go no risks, the retina does not forget anything!

https: //www./video/bastelanleitung-fuer-ein-geraet-um-sonnenfinster ...

Google time for "pinhole eclipse". Local Observatories have also eclipse glasses, if it is urgent, you can indeed times an observatory near consult ...

Here was the page recently, a video how a device is built to be able to see the eclipse.

Videos look! Quite comfortably at the computer looking at the shadow History. Am I doing too.

If you have patience, wait until the next one comes.

It will certainly be live streams, the record that, otherwise it does not go without glasses.

by a local wait of gives it at such events events, and there are often auchg glasses ect. distributed :)

Not you have unfortunately had bad luck

just goes with glasses

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