Question who are familiar to the people of Germany and Austria!

A buddy says he lives in Austria and is in 10 minutes the same in Germany where exactly he lives? So which city? He wants me the city not reveal he wants me aufn take poor: D

thank you

The best answer

Kufstein or Salzburg, can here zoom and examine the limit,12.1595546,11z/data... !4m2!3m1!1s0x476d079b259d2a7f:0x1012d47bdde4c1af

Definitely somewhere along the border

Austria borders on Bavaria and the border is long, it can stay very close to the border, here a map

http: // maptype = t ...

is quite simple: take a ticket (or Google Maps) and watch you at the border line of Germany-Austria. Then you see so, what places might come into question.

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