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Get since two days repeatedly an email with the same content. It's about a worksite in the office, but I've never advertised. Here is equal to an employment contract as an attachment here with. This is a bit strange for me. You should send all filling and bank details and passport copy with equal here. SUSPICIOUS !!! Have I not done. Possibly knows her so, this and have already experience. Here is the inalt:

Dear candidate,

We are pleased to offer you a job in the home office area. We are a service company in the home office and looking for the next possible date employees who perform Assistants work for our customers. This includes the phone, scan, write letters, answer emails and much more. The work is done from home. The activity will be paid on a commission basis per completed task or on fixed salary based on 20¤ per hour. We demand honesty, punctuality and initial computer skills. To give you a unique opportunity is offered, without pursuing any previous knowledge or special training, a very well-paid work from home. Under certain circumstances, special equipment, such as computers, scanners is unf a multichannel telephone system required if it is not this have no problem, we will provide free of charge to acquire the funds available. Please send us your proof of age (to confirm your identity), as well as the employment contract, the following is filled in this email annexed and signed to us ultimately back only by email. Once their documents were arriving with us via email and checked by the HR department, you can immediately put off.

Please also ensure that all data are processed automatically, once the data in the e-mail to: [email protected] mitzuschicken in the following format:

First name last name, date of birth, telephone number, account number Bankleizahl banking, email address, address

For more information you can contact us gladly on our website



Sincerely, secretarial services LTD Steffen Kunz

The best answer


We got this email also.

And have the matter further spun by we put him in my E_mail some questions. (Without data to pass).

We asked, among other things, what the next steps are, if he has erhelten the documents (Auswiskopie, Ktnr. Etc.).

The answer was, quote:

to start all the more quickly as possible with the work, we ask Siebei our partner shop starter package purchased. 2

We remit immediately about 7000 € for for dasPaket and you must

it will not be processed at the shop via Western Union money needs überweisen.Das or repaid.

Sobaldwir you informed about the transfer, please denShop to contact, and get the information how and applying you must transfer the money.

Also, we ask Sieeinen delivery and address the Shopmitzuteilen.

Contact the Partner Stores:


Email: [email protected]

DasStarterpaket II includes:

Scanner / Printer: HPScanJet N9120

PABX: Telekom OctopusF400

Notebook: HP Workstation ZBOOK 17Mobile F0V48EA

Software: Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 EditionH30-01854

It is very important, especially in the beginning, that the order functions quickly and simply. first Wirgehen a financial risk by Ihnendas

transfer money in advance, and expect you to Siesofort after receiving the money, the money to the store NowShare.

We can not directly transfer the money to denShop because everything is sent to you, also thieves position and the payment has to come from you.

Once alsouns the contract, the Ausweiskpopie and a consent form, which can be found in the appendix and sign is present, we will transfer the money.

Quote end!

What to make of it? Thus, the want to transfer € 7,000 to my account, I will send on.

The best thing is the delivery address one looks closely, resurfaced the name "Office equipment LTD" on.

Money laundering ???

Annex is here (ArbeitsvertragOffice.pdf)

Habs open times (virus scanner is not angsprungen habs but triotzdem made as SPAM now) and one should be fooled all of its data, such as name / bank details and proof of age with.



ArbeitsvertragArbeitgeberBurotechnik LtdGare de Lyon37-39 Avenue Ledru Rollin75570 Paris (BZ) France employee first name: ___________________________________ Name: ______________________________________ ZIP: _______________________________________ Location :: ________________________________________ Street: _____________________________________ Nr.:_______Geburtsdatum: _____, _____, 19_____Telefonnummer (landline): ______________________________________________ Phone (mobile): ______________________________________________ Bank data (for content and prepayments for work equipment) owner: ________________________ account Nr.:_____________________________BLZ: ________________________ Kreditinstitut:_____________________________IBAN:________________________________________________________________BIC:________________________________________________________________Allgemeine Terms and Conditions (GTC) § 1 start of BeschäftigungDer employee begins employment as "home office employee" both employers Office equipment Ltd. with immediate Wirkung.§ 2 TätigkeitZu the tasks of the worker include the following activities: - calls tätigen- receive mail, edit and optionally copy weiterleiten- documents / emails einscannen- beantworten§ 3 ProbezeitDie first three months of employment are a probationary period. During this trial period can the parties terminate the employment relationship with a period of 14 days without fixed termination date. Http:// § 4 Organisation of the working / TätigkeitDie working is short of actual needs vereinbart.§ 5 fixing the BezügeDie commission of the employee per task is designed as following: scanner type: fixed salary € 20 per hour phone calls: acceptance or call - € 2 / per phone call plus telephone costs document scanning - 0,5 € / page writing personal emails / answer a - 1 € / receive per email account - € 2 / per letter letters Forwarding - € 2 / per letter plus PortoDas salary after a full month on the third working day of the following month on dasKonto the employee überwiesen.§ 6 labor prevention and compensation payments during KrankheitsfallDer workers must immediately mitzuteilen§ any absence from work and its expected duration the employer 7 holiday and UrlaubsgeldDer employee is required within a period of 14 days mitzuteilen§ every-planned holiday and the expected duration of the employer 8 secrecy obligation (1) the employee agrees, among all of its becoming known while serving business and trade secrets, all his famous business or even after preserving operational facts desArbeitsverhältnisses silence. (2) the employee is during the period of employment also committed on the contents of this agreement to disclose to bewahren.§ 9 KündigungDie notice after the trial period is 3 months. This time limit may dasVertragsverhältnis from both sides, irrespective of the right to terminate without notice, be terminated. is extended, the notice period for the company from tariff or legal reasons, this extension also applies to still work equipment are the workers Arbeitnehmer.Sollten that were by the employer about leave, they may be picked up again by the employer werden.§ 10 SchlussbestimmungenSollten individual provisions of this contract are invalid , the contract remains imÜbrigen nevertheless valid. In such a case, the invalid provision is soumzudeuten or supplement that the beabsichtigtewirtschaftliche by the invalid provision purpose is achieved. the same shall apply if at carrying desVertrages a gap requiring supplementation becomes apparent. Subsidiary agreements, Ergänzungenund changes to this contract must be legally valid in writing.

Hello, the "job offer" is an attempt defenitiv the account of "employee" for money laundering to use (most fraudulent of acquired funds). Usually it works like this: After the contract is obtained actually make money on their own account (which originates from a crime) then one should it via Western Union or similar tell (to disguise the cash flow) - allegedly ordered printer, fax machine and / or office supplies is of course never come! Orders and there is no money for the job you never get well. Those who accept this job offer makes money laundering (or if naively perhaps frivolous money laundering offense). Therefore, stay away from this job offers! What to do if you are now but has already taken action and has money in the account? In any case immediately to the bank and the customer advisors discuss how to proceed. The money is then posted back immediately and the money laundering is not completed. Moreover dirket to the police and voluntary refund !!

I also got this e-mail and as naive as I am, I have my data sent and actually get the money that I should forward to the shop. I have not done because it is like money laundering for me. Now I do not want what I do with the money to send back to the sender or go to the police. Afraid I've sent along also my ID. What can I do you can right-celled against me because eingen?

So, I have this mail get well and researched a bit:

The address and the company "Office Supplies" at that address really exists, however, this company deals with computer hardware and software solutions and is not an employer for home office activities.

The building will also temporarily offices for those interested (virtual office etc.) are rented.

For me, the employment of "Steffen Wotleder" was marked, on the nothing is out on the Internet.

Conclusion: We are talking here certainly to identity theft of the personal data or other nasty thing that brings trouble or costs in retrospect.

Never reply !!

That is the usual rip-off trick. They know you do not have from somewhere your email address (therefore the impersonal salutation !!). They want your entire data incl. Account details to you then ripping up his shirt. Interlocking the address in your email program. Then you have a rest. Everything that is promised there is a fake and for fools. Hands off.

I think I'm going to get angry for a while. And as bold as I am, I will also ask the same after an advance after the report anyway not and if they do then it will be really funny at least for me because I have for those wannabe scammers a specific bank account. see the money that never again have my ID also get but my number I have blacked out because otherwise they get where I live. I have so many different addresses in Berlin where mail can go which is then destroyed the same once it has been opened and read it migrates into the shredder.

So I am now although only 13 years old but my mother has times get ne similar e-mail and has even a mail written to the right office. They then replied that several of these cases had been and that if you get hints this Report is to allow the "perpetrator is caught." simply ignore the email or block the email address. I hope I could help you, Johnini

Please let it alone. I speak from experience. Once you have your data rate there of for email and so chopping it so your computer. For me they have bought on Ebay a pfektives sword for the game Empieren. You have followed all of what you've done with your email passwords. I'm counting on times. Ebay, Paypal and logically your Email.

So caution folks. Hands off.

This page is blocked from malware bytes (antispyware program). Sites will be blocked only by the program if they are known. So this site should probably be a Trojan.

Not hear it and adrrsse block the mail

This is definitely fake, because you will not addressed by name.

Did you open the attachment? What a file was that?

Interlocking they Or Move the address inter spam

Or even legally Meldem

That's all a fake! not write back and blocking these messages!


such is the state of affairs with respect to the company secretarial services LtD?

Are there any new experiences?

I also so will receive an email.

I got this email too and did everything as they told me.

Today is also the money came I should pass by western union that I have not done since reporting for me for money laundering. My question is what to do with the money? Send Back or pass police because I fear the war if I forward it me legal probelem .. please help

If it is true that it probably comes down to money laundering, as it is reported here, then it would be better to report it to the police.

Best haws the answers from here, and put this before and also print the mail.

And not reply to this mail.

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