Questions about Kingdom Hearts General

  1. What is the order of the story of Kingdom Hearts?
  2. Can someone briefly explain what exactly happened in KH Birth by Sleep to me?
  3. Is there a continuation of KH Birth by Sleep?
  4. There are even now as a new game of it ... somehow ... Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix or Remix 2.5 ... what where exactly is so different? Is the story a different or it has simply been made only more difficult?

Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

So the sequence is (the time / story moderate):

  1. Birth by Sleep (plays 10 years before Kingdom Hearts 1)
  2. Kingdom Hearts 1
  3. Chains of Memories
  4. 358/2 days (playing in time in Sora asleep)
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2
  6. Dream Drop Distance
  7. Kingdom Hearts 3 (when it finally is out ^^)

Birth by Sleep is 10 years in total VOR Kingdom Hearts 1, that is, the worlds are a little different

overall you can play the game with the three main characters and key swordsmen Ventus, Terra and Aqua

Special feature: each character has a different view on what is happening and sees or does not see certain things / events. the tasks and skills (Aquas focus is recordable, on magic and only Ventus can the Skill "slide" (so you can fly) learn)

in that each character as it were his "own story" has, it will be hard to tell all and I myself am with all characters end bosses relative to the; I therefore have no idea how it ends : _Birth_by_Sleep

Here you can in any case the story SHORT SUPPLY read summary ... otherwise I would recommend to you tube to watch the cutscenes :) not only looks cool, but answered yourself and your question ^^

it's worth it otherwise always a Let's Play to study; if you already do not play yourself can or want it to; but still want to enjoy the gameplay ^^

I hope it was somewhere ^ helpful - ^

Hey I can you answer the 3 and 4 Question 3 There is no continuation of BBS 4 The difference is in 1.5 are the first 3 games of KH indoors and 2.5 joins directly into the main item (KH1 KH2) are enemies / bosses colored differently new bosses come to this example, in KH 1 simply because Endboss of KH 2 defeat in KH2 you can against Terra fight from BBS and KH 2.5 is also true BBS indoors in not nice graphics but no matter because Story Declaration of BBS got it not long gezockt I have already played on the PSP through but on the ps3 it left so Sry

There is no continuation of bbs kingdom hearts and 1.5 and so includes not only the main story, the parts that are not came out on console.

Have only the right parts played and not the intermediate parts, so I can only answer your last question: 1.5 and 2.5 are remakes, both Kindgom Hearts parts are enhanced graphically (1 + 2). 2.5 is graphically naturally beautiful than 1.5 :) And I think ... no longer have it so all in the mind ... that there are also some intermediate parts ...'m degree but not entirely sure habs already longer not played.

Questions about Kingdom Hearts General

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