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So I'm 15, 1.80 tall and weigh 71kg.So after BMI I have normal weight but am still with my character dissatisfied because I much "fettrölchen" and "breasts" have. Healthy eating and exercise I have bzw.Joggen I do.

My questions are :

Is it healthy to decrease even more as BMI underweight from 65 and I do not want, will like to stay on the 70th Can it be that the fat is still distributed? because I only 15 am? Tips tricks?

The best answer

yes, that's so ... In a few years all this is distributed, and if you then with 40 still weigh 71 kg, then you are among the thinnest 10% of your age group ...

Here you can see that.

Hello, you need you worry absolutely. According to BMI everything is great with you and that's Aich good! You have a wonderful size and the perfect weight! Usually you is itself to be too critical. Probably you hang you too much on the on what you do not like that you like vetlierst the good things out of the eye. And usually one pays then so that your the strikes massively. Question maybe your friends what they think about your character. Then you'll probably find that you are too self-critical. Or they ask me, what you can find great about you and write to you on that. That you can read if you should doubt again. It helps me repeatedly. Incidentally, the fact still spread with the growth. You're only fifteen and your whole body is still changing. Give you time ind have you so much as you are. For you are certainly a wonderful person! All love and good! Love, Clarissa - Sophie

Bmi is the biggest bullshit, you are as long as healthy as long as you feel really healthy

Could perhaps be due to your attitude.

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