Quick build muscle like? (Final drive / Defen Pending)


Since I go in 3 months on graduation trip and not just'm very muscular, I would like a bit more muscle I build'm eigendlich every day a few situps and pushups but somehow brings nothing. But I would not go to ground but Defines trainieren.Was can I do and what should I avoid?

Thanks: D MFG Hikari

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Hello Hikari! Quick goes in muscle building nothing. Home you can still do squats and pull-ups z. B.. But first, you need patience. And in future issues more information. Age, fitness level, where and how you train and what devices - everything is missing. A response can only ever be as good as the question allows. A new question with facts would make sense.

I wish you a beautiful Easter Sunday.

Hello Hikari! Would be nice if you would at least know your age. A common problem. Are you 8 so the answer will of course be different than that of a 18 - year. Please read times this tip of an expert on the forum:


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First, if you want to define do you need first of all muscle that you can define, ie zurerst you need mass. Degree does not always have to be hot grease special times just build muscle and fat content sink extremely because only then you get really muscles. And in 3 months which is quite possible, but for that you should go to the gym and make very extreme your diet, so the evening only proteins, etc. I know many who have built up in a short tent much. But that is only possible with discipline!

In 3 months, does not do much, certainly not with a few gymnastic exercises. Go in a studio and start to train decently, or leave it. But remember words like "fast", if you want to have success.

No chance or not much, first you have certain Grubdmuskeln build about eight weeks to have you your body fat getting low to look good .... say you have to change the diet. So as simple as that everything in 3 months not to, you also need a gym because without equipment it is twice as heavy in the period.

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