Quick good mood?

I think everyone knows these moments where you're just sad and do not know why ... well, as it comes to me straight and although I can be happy about for the next week. Does anyone have an idea how I again get good mood? I do not like to be sad -.-

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do you have pets? If so, then that's great! You can play them make something or go for a walk (If you have a dog) with them. If not then you can do something, go to the movies or go to your parents in a restaurant with your friends. You can get your friends sometimes call sleep to you or wild dancing to your favorite music. There are so many options that you could do. Try one of those times but made;.)

Just pick times a little distraction. Go out with friends or possibly read simply times few books. So if I have a bad mood then I just watch me on video :)

  • music
  • With Friends do something
  • Sports
  • Chocolate.

There is a psychological trick. I forgot the name of the experiment, but almost everyone knows it. It is about a Russian. He has had several dogs. And whenever he brought them a piece of meat, the salivation of which was measured. It has always been higher than before, when have not yet seen the meat. And whenever he brought them the meat, he rang a bell. Sometime (couple days or weeks), it has only passed the bell to ring, thus increases the salivation of dogs. The same works for the people. When you hear makes you happy music, and something specific do (Like with the bell), put them in the end only this certain thing. There is still a possibility. I've heard it from a fitness trainer. Infected Get a pen between his teeth, so that you have a forced smile. After a few minutes you have stock in a good mood, because your brain thinks that you have experienced something that made you happy. This is exactly the same principle as with the dogs.

Higher form Shake it off by Taylor Swift on continuous loop ^^ and if that does not help ... Food * ~ * Oder'der watch at funny YT videos :)

Get a punch-ball let out your anger because

Look at a few of failvideos ...

Skype with good friends Hang out with someone Bonanza something that makes humor Just look funny videos ... :)

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