Quick help was I kicked out of school to another school now change immediately?

I was kicked out of the profession kolleg and want in another school that's even possible ?? because I am only 17 years old.

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When you register at the new school, then they might also ask, among other things, why have you thrown out. You should then they tell the truth, it may also be that they will not take you because of this. Because the schools with each other are always in touch and exchange ideas.

That will not be so easy. Your student record goes everywhere with you and the directors all know each other. The informed. If you've done something bad, do not be Hurra roar when you come. Since you have already have good explanations.

White the other school and that you were thrown from the other? Because depending on the state you are no longer required to attend school with 17th Then you do not have to take.

The places were already taken but you have to apply yourself once

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