Quick sixpack for women

Can someone very many effective exercises sixpack say with explanations how to make them, but please do something like 500 situps me: D and a good diet plan for example, in the morning a crispbread with strawberries ..... Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Selin! It lacks such important information such as age and weight / BMI.

Your text also shows that your information at 0, and since no sufficient short text. Make simple complex sport. The six-pack is for the body as much as the ashtray of a car. And also is a Dauerprojekt.Wie trained so frequently isolated the back is also damaged.

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

You need above all patience and perseverance! Loading you down apps. Some are really good

First you should buy you knowledge, you have not Anscheind.

Sixpack = little body fat

The muscles you build extremely quickly to different Situp exercises combined eg with weight plates etc.

you should just 4 sets of 12 repetitions to make, you need protein Reich eat 1.7g / kg of your weight so that you build muscles, and at the same as I said to lose fat and that is almost exclusively through the diet!

oh yeah and remember without the chest looks a Sixpack also sch **** out, just as without the biceps, triceps, back, neck, legs ...

Always Think of one thing:

Sixpack is in thin men like thickness Ti **** at thicknesses women, it does not count. ..

Quick does not work!

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