Rabbit lady "bitchy"

Hey guys my ca 5 months old rabbit lady zickt for some time rum, anything I can do so that they will be quiet?

Thanks for your tips

The best answer

Please read you times by the two sites! urgently you need a little expertise to 3 small rabbit to keep appropriate! : D (And I hope you have 6 square meters for the 3 rabbits XD provided)

I know there is much XD But rabbits are nunmal Intensive Care Animals in which one can make really much wrong! : /

kaninchenwiese.de & diebrain.de/k-index.html

hi, my has bitten the old always if you come too close to her, my mother had then always afraid of her. it is now one and a half years old. It stopped about a year

Hi Remixx,

your question you can not answer, but lack the necessary information:

As she lives (partner, place of residence), when they zickt how often it is a false pregnancy that something else noticed what causes problems?

Hi I also have 2 rabbits and ladies. Just as how many rabbits you have if only 1 is available you should you hurry a 2 to buy (rabbits like it to 2) otherwise you should take time and sometimes just something do with her

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