Rabbits injected with urine like crazy

I have had a few days a very curious Rabbit. After the first day of the cage of the little guy smelled nice enormously and my living room leidere including. So I have the moist filters removed. You have to imagine that the small is almost crazy and me, the cage and everything around the cage splashed with urine. Although he is human relation but rather shy when it rausholen around and back pack into the cage goes. However, it is sometimes necessary. I know, unfortunately, not quite next to him ...

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Hello sibel

Unfortunately, did you not informed in Vorfel about rabbits ... a pity. Get the Please unbending after! ^^

First to your question:

Unfortunately uncastrated males mark often! In addition, they suffer from their sex drive and are often aggressive! There are therefore many reasons to neuter a male and you should also as soon as possible can make! Costs about 50 EUR! Then that will ever stop. ;)

Unfortunately, he suffers due to bad posture ...

Some information in advance to rabbits! This should necessarily apply and if not yet implemented !! Otherwise you be animal considers not appropriate to the species, and among them there is suffering then .... :(


... Is cruel! Rabbits are suffering very social pack animals very strong in individual attitude !! You need company; just as we humans! : D

Rabbits have social needs which are planned to comply and must !! A person (or other pet) can not make off with him: One can not groom each other's fur and eyes, not to hunt, explore, are not mutually warn of danger and especially not cuddle with him (just as the rabbit wants to)!

Imagine times before, please:

You live alone in a very small room. Only now and then comes a strange creature to you purely the You do not know with whom you can not communicate, and he can not tell you how much you suffer !! And then the essence is still too ignorant not to recognize that you are totally alone and want to have a human partner! It has simply not informed how to keep people humanely and keeps you prefer the way it wants to. And then it makes from time to ridiculous to say to you that you want to do not at all because they do not belong to human behavior. You would indeed somehow so join you at least some sort of contact with jmd have, but you were not happy !! And by the long loneliness and lack of communication, then you'll behave disturbed and die very likely even earlier ... :(

I doubt strongly that would you like as a life !!! And so it goes a rabbit in individual attitude! :( So please get you your rabbit a suitable partner: otherwise it will unfortunately never be happy; only Behavioural :(


The age should be the same necessarily! Only in older rabbits (from 4-5 years), the maximum age difference max. be 2 years.

There is Konstelationen that do not work, and what that work very well!

Rabbit pairing that works:

  • 1 castrated males / 1 female
  • 2 castrated males

Rabbit pairing that does not work:

  • 2 females
  • 2 castrated males
  • 1 unneutered males / 1 castrated males


The rabbit must 2qm space are on one level available! And always, 24 hrs. A day !!! accordingly In 2 animals 4qm!

Less is not appropriate to the species = animal cruelty! A normal cage is too small for rabbits (also double storey) :( rabbits develop with hand positions therein sometime behavioral problems such as aggression, rioting, nibble on the grids and some even bite sometime (even humans)! :(

4.) socialization (How composed 2 rabbits)

Self strange rabbit may not be easy assembled! It must be carried out a so-called "socialization". Only in this way is guaranteed that the two will also be understood!

It is important to know when the socialization: they will growl, hunt, berammeln and fur will fly! This does not mean that they can not suffer, but that's part of socialization in which they make up who the Rudelfüher. Since one must not go between them, flowing out blood :( How is that conduct can be found under the bottom gennten links.

5.) FEED (I mention sichrheitshalber times ^^)

Rabbits should NOT finished feed Knabberstangen get Drops and Co, because it is not healthy! Only food waste with chemicals! It is the fast food of the rabbit world by making the animal feed industry real money. Only this is what this food; and not for the welfare of the animal :( rabbits only natural things should get and hay must always be present in compositions to be XD Healthy food is!:

  • Hay (staple)
  • Meadow / grass (staple)
  • Dandelion / Blossom uä.
  • Branches / twigs / bark uä.
  • carrots
  • Carrots Green / Radiesschengrün
  • Lettuce / Chicory
  • cucumber
  • apples
  • Herbs (fresh / dried)
  • etc

Please belese you enough about rabbits and eventually eliminate existing posture, so you do not even to the many cruel to animals as belong there ^^

  • kaninchenwiese.de
  • diebrain.de/k-index.html

All the best :)

Rabbits are extremely revier related animals that mark the boundaries of their territory regularly. This is done, inter alia, by splashing penetrative smelling urine on vertical objects.

Castration manages this respect usually remedy - the sooner it is done, the easier and faster lay the rabbit from the unwanted behavior.

> Territorial marking> http://www.kaninchenseele.de/index.php?p=7-1 -

Entertainment> sweet rabbits would identify ways to accommodate rabbits humanely rudimentary in all accommodation options and offers tips to frequently asked questions of general position. Nevertheless, it is never possible to consider all variants, so please do not hesitate to answer questions and ideas to your particular situation available.

More you can find at this link> sweetrabbits.de/kaninchen-haltung.html

1. He is in a new environment and mark their territory. Unless okay.


2. He is alone. For a highly social animal group that is a torment. What do you feel when people oriented, is for the little guy pure desperation.

3. Commercial cages offer too little space.

4. Raise is a nightmare for rabbits. Whoever loses the ground under their feet, is dead in the wild.

-> Please Inform yourself about a species before you think it. Then you several things were clear from the outset been:

a) bucks you should already therefore neutered so they do not spill out the hormones with which it should not do anything as a pet to the ears.

b) rabbits need companionship. Procure the poor guy a conspecifics. Inform yourself about socialization, eg on www.diebrain.de

Seven weeks after the castration of bucks is no longer able to have children, then you can approach the merge.

c) Align the two a nice enclosure in a reasonable size. Then the Hochheberei deleted.

And probably d) Inform yourself about appropriate feeding. When has everything else does not really worked out well, I suspect that you still can not explained you. Again thief rain is a good source. Lynchpin: Cereals has not lost in the rabbit stomach.

Error 1: A rabbit Error 2: CAGE Let the little castrated, then Please bang him a nice mädel, (single attitude is animal cruelty) and then, the have both permanently at least 4 m² for disposal look. There are really great tips in networked how such a "rabbit corner" can make, without suffering the living room) artgerecht held rabbits are the greatest joy, there is. Info can be found on


Or sweetrabbits.de or rabbit meadow .com Have fun

Go definitely times with him to the vet! LG MARLON133

He stakes out his new territory, normally

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