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Hi, I'm in computer science to create a client-server system, which gives me a bit of trouble, I have added 3 radio buttons and want that per radio button opens a window. So if I click on the first button I want it to Spain opens side, in the second the Italian side and in the third the Portugal side. But unfortunately opens every time the Spain side. Perhaps I can have someone tell my mistake?

The best answer

this design I've never seen. also as described in selfhtml.

  • questionable and unusual: several forms (can function, can also make problems)
  • the forms are nested into each other yet. as browser I would not now know what to do.
  • the group of related radio-buttons (clamped by the same name) belongs to my knowledge in the same form.
  • a submit button (form to whichever) can not be seen. would be necessary to carry out the action from.
  • why repeatedly cost the same select control with the same? a selection of evidence in connection with the radio-selection would be enough yet.

and: Do not code as an image, but the question editor formatted adjust with Control-K.

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