radius of a cylinder charge if only given the surface?

The surface of the cylinder has 2 square meters. Now I want to calculate the radius. Incidentally, at the level 4 is * r so the amount 4 times as large as the radius, if I understand it correctly.

How should I proceed?

  • Thanks in advance!!:-)))

The best answer

Dissolve formula for surface r

O = 2 π r² + 2 π rh

Normally you need radius and height to calculate the surface. If you are for the height h, the 4r using now, you've won, because your equation changes in

O = 2 π r² + 2 π r * 4r

O = 2 π r² + 8 π r²

O = 10 π r²

That you can determine easily by r dissolve, think of the root, sets for O = 2 m² and reckon it out. If not, you have just again for help screaming (b) s.

Now another tip for future German works: advance to write with only one r.

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