Rap / Home Recording / Equipment Which studio speakers and headphone should I buy as a beginner?

Hi I have a few rap lyrics written and now wants to set up a small home recording studio me. I am an absolute beginner and new to this field. Expectations: Lowest possible expenditures - Preferably good sound result I already have a microphone (NT1-A) I already have an interface (M-Audio MobilePre) http://www.amazon.de/M-Audio-MobilePre-MKII-Audio- interface Recordung / dp / B0044RC ...

Now I would like to buy my studio speakers and headphones. In the boxes I thought about the M-Audio BX5 D2. The get good reviews. What do you think about these boxes? For boxing I want to spend around 200 €. And what headphones can you recommend me? For headphones I want to spend around 150 €.

I have the recorden no experience. Can you give me suggest any sites where I can make myself smart. Especially about rap recordings, mixing, mastering, etc .... Basically as a complete description of how to produce a High-quality song. thank you

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www.thomann.de buy only here, everything else is schmand!

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